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Shroud of the Avatar Articles

Layoffs Hit Portalarium

Shroud of the Avatar developer Portalarium laid off employees this week. Red Thomas happened to be in Austin anyway, so he stopped by to talk to Richard Garriott and Starr Long to get details.

Review in Progress #1 - First Steps in New Britannia

The launch of Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a rare and curious event. Heralded as a spiritual successor to the classic Ultima series, and with Richard Garriott as Creative Director, this independently built title is firmly built on some old-school foundations. But does classic charm translate into an MMO worth exploring? In our multi-part review, I’ll be tackling that very question.

Release the Kraken

Shroud of the Avatar developer Portalarium is charging hard at their release date, and Red Thomas made a run to Austin and sat down with the team to get caught up. Backers will still see the normal development pace right up to go-time, so Red explains some of what they should see over the next couple months.

Invading Europe

Shroud of the Avatar developer Portalarium signed a publishing deal with European publisher Travian Games. Red Thomas stops by the offices in Austin, TX to find out what impact the deal has on the game.

Offline is On

Shroud of the Avatar development moves into another quarter with a Title III raise underway and developer Portalarium looking to make a big pivot towards a publishing phase. Red Thomas makes his way back from Austin to let you know how crazy the next few months could become.

Shooting Solo

With aim somewhat more accurate than a certain trigger-happy green alien, the team behind Shroud of the Avatar spoke with Red Thomas about coming efforts to wrap up some big holes in offline gameplay.

A New Hope

Six months after their final wipe, Red Thomas wraps up his hiatus and heads to Austin to find out what’s in store for Shroud of the Avatar, and to review what’s changed over the last few months.

Review in Progress, Part 1

With the recent Update of Shroud of the Avatar also the final wipe was conducted. From now on, everything the players are achieving in the game will persist. This is the perfect time for us to dip our toes into the game and share our first impressions with you and more will follow in the next weeks.According to the developers, despite the final wipe, Shroud of the Avatar is far from being released but then again, you can buy the game and your progress persists.

Release 32: Le Finale Wipe

Red Thomas makes a trip to Austin in order to get the details on Shroud of the Avatar’s 32nd release, and final wipe. The trip had absolutely nothing to do with the opportunity to capture wild and exotic Pokémon. Nope. Not at all.

Release 31: Nearly Move-in Ready?

Shroud of the Avatar is entering its 31st monthly release, and the last before final wipe. Construction signs are everywhere, the sound of industrious labor fills the air, and a temple takes form from the once barren slab. Temples are hollow caves of stone without gods to power them, though. As avatars wait in anticipation, Red Thomas makes his pilgrimage to Austin and finds out if this monument will be on time and move-in ready.

Release 29 - The Great Divide?

Big changes and heated forum topics have made for an interesting month if you’re a fan of Shroud of the Avatar. Red Thomas took a trip to Austin and met with the devs to find out what all the commotion has been about, and to see if there are any surprises in the game’s 29th release.

Release 28 - Hard Work-Work

After missing last month’s update, Red Thomas double-timed it up to Austin to find out what he missed, and what to expect in the 28th Release for Shroud of the Avatar.

Release 26 - It's the Final Countdown

If you’re Lord British, you make games. It’s what you do... If you’re a developer for Shroud of the Avatar, you release your 26th monthly update, and announce the final wipe. Red Thomas took a trip to Austin to find out more, but unfortunately the airlines lost his luggage, which included his selection of decent segues.

Release 25 - Future Farmers of New Britannia

Shroud of the Avatar introduces agriculture in their 25th release, adds new scenes, and hosts members of their community (and that’s just in the last twenty-four hours before code-freeze). Red Thomas makes his periodic pilgrimage to seat of power in Texas and comes back with epic tales of productivity for your perusal.

Release 23 - Empowering the Shadows

Shroud of the Avatar gets new content just in time for All Hallows Eve, so you can expect the 23rd release to contain all sorts of tricks and treats. Plus, this month has seen some needed focus on some of the… shadier… elements of role play. Red Thomas traveled to Austin and spoke with the team to learn more.