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New Poll - Should All Content be Available in Offline Mode?

The Shroud of the Avatar team is polling players about whether or not all Add-On Store items and Pledge Rewards should be included in the single player offline mode of the game. Players would be able to earn or craft these items in such a way as to make "increase the quality and the value of the basic game experience in single player offline mode".

New Scene, Resolute, to Debut with Release 26

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived and is, as usual, packed with lots of neat information about the game, including the news that Andy Cortez's Resolute scene will be sent out with Release 26 set to arrive on January 28th. In the newsletter, new players will follow the Path of Courage along the Resolute story line. To show off some of what can be expected, several new (and beautiful) screens were released.

Release 25 - Future Farmers of New Britannia

Shroud of the Avatar introduces agriculture in their 25th release, adds new scenes, and hosts members of their community (and that’s just in the last twenty-four hours before code-freeze). Red Thomas makes his periodic pilgrimage to seat of power in Texas and comes back with epic tales of productivity for your perusal.

The Foreboding Hilt Fortress + Snow People & 'Holly'day Hats

The latest issue of the Shroud of the Avatar newsletter is hot off the press and contains a bunch of fun holiday events and items, both player-created and developer designed. The letter kicks off, however, with a look at the interior of Hilt Fortress, a forbidding looking location filled with dark rooms, defaced friezes and stone carvings and much more.

Latest Newsletter Details 'How We Did It'

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter is, as usual packed with information about all that has been going on in the game. Of particular interest in this week's letter are a pair of articles dealing with the creative process: The first of an in-game demon; the second how a PvP arena was created using the provided tools.

Latest Newsletter Details Player Run Postal Service & More

Portalarium has sent out weekly Shroud of the Avatar newsletter, packed as usual with screenshots, player events and more. Of particular note this week is the formation of the first player run two way delivery system (aka a postal service) between Port Phoenix and Serenite.

The Making of North Pinelands Takes Centerstage

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived hot in our mailboxes and is anchored by the second in a two-part series about the making of the North Naryad Pinelands. The design diary is packed with gorgeous screenshots of this mountainous region.

Two Player Owned Towns Spotlighted In Latest Newsletter

Portalarium has sent out the latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter, and with the most recent news from the developers comes a pair of profiles of player-owned towns within the game.

Release 23 - Empowering the Shadows

Shroud of the Avatar gets new content just in time for All Hallows Eve, so you can expect the 23rd release to contain all sorts of tricks and treats. Plus, this month has seen some needed focus on some of the… shadier… elements of role play. Red Thomas traveled to Austin and spoke with the team to learn more.

Music Peek, Zone Screens & Gallery of Wonderful Horrors

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived that is packed to the rafters with a video showcase of the game's music system seen in the video below, a pair of zone profiles and an invitation to check out the Gallery of Wonderful Horrors.

Jannaford Coming in R23 Along with Player-Named NPCs

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived hot off the press that includes the usual boatload of information. Of particular note this week, Portalarium has revealed Jannaford, a new scene devs have been preparing for Release 23. One of the newest members of the team, Richard Matey, has been instrumental in the level design of Jannaford as is evidenced by the great looking screenshots.

Release 22 for First Responders Begins

Shroud of the Avatar backers at "First Responder" and above are invited to attend the game's latest build, Release 22. The event has already kicked off and is packed with all sorts of new things for players to experience and test.

Release 22: Marking Time

Release 22 is all about keeping time in Shroud of the Avatar as a new music system is added to the game and plans for next quarter’s development is coming together. Red Thomas takes a look at what to expect in the next release after his monthly trip to Austin where he visited with the team.

Preparing for Trick or Treat - New Items Added

In the latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter, Portalarium shows that it is getting ready for Halloween with the arrival of both a dyeable witch hat and spider wall decorations, one to wear and one to creep out the castle. In addition, several big community events are planned and detailed.

Newsletter Details Blood River Massacre, Fishing And More

Portalarium has sent out the latest newsletter detailing a new single-player scene along with the addition of fishing, musical instruments and more.