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Shroud of the Avatar Articles

Developers Focused on Player Created Quests

Richard Garriott and the Portalarium team have revealed the first information about the player generated content in Shroud of the Avatar. Garriott writes that Release 19 will include writeable books and notes and chest permissions that will allow players write their own quests and provide their own rewards to the players completing them.

Charity Streaming Event Next Week

Shroud of the Avatar will be the centerpiece of a special charity streaming event being hosted by Rize Up Gaming. During the event on May 21st, funds will be raised for Water.org that helps provide potable water in locations where it does not exist.

Latest Update Details First Player-Owned Town

The Shroud of the Avatar update letter has arrived and it's packed with tons of interesting tidbits about the game. Of particular note is the arrival of the game's first player-controlled town. Called PaxLair, the town is serving as a 'sandbox' for developers to work out the specifics and mechanics of the system overall.

New Digital & Print Comic Debuts

The Shroud of the Avatar team is bursting with the news that a new comic has been made available for fans wanting even more SotA. The comic is available in both digital and print versions. Signed copies can be purchased as well.

$6M and Counting

According to the counter on the Shroud of the Avatar site, the game's fund raising efforts have netted over six million dollars. the KickStarter campaign run earlier brought in approximately $2M with another $4M brought in during the subsequent months.

Update 107 - Elementals, Expiring Items and Events

This week's SotA newsletter covers a range of things, including the game's presence at CES in Vegas. More importantly though, it talks about the combat Elementals mages can summon, showing images that differentiate the summoned variety from their wild counterparts.

CES, New Screens, Weekend Community Events

Shroud of the Avatar is arguably one of the most-anticipated MMOS of 2015, and with developer Portarlarium is hoping to keep it that way by promoting the game at the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas. Among other things, the company will be showing new screens of environments like Wyrmsands, Dragon Pass and Shardfall Biome.

Early Access on Steam Begins

Early Access players can now log into Steam to give Shroud of the Avatar a look. The game will be available to players 24/7 and will give the opportunity to see SotA evolve over time.

Join Starr Long & Rob Lashley TONIGHT

Shroud of the Avatar is currently in Build 11 as it speeds towards the early access release on Steam later this fall. Starr Long will be on hand with our own Rob Lashley tonight in the MMORPG.com Live Stream channel to give fans a firsthand look at Build 11 and some inside track chat with Starr. Join us at 9:30 p.m. EDT / 6:30 p.m. PDT tonight!

Steam Early Access to Begin November 24th

Portalarium has announced that Steam Early Access for Shroud of the Avatar will begin on November 24th. Early Access patrons will have an opportunity to help test the build that, with tweaks and fixes, will become the Steam EA build in November.

Update #93 - Q4 Release Schedule, Now Accepting Bitcoin

After many requests, the makers of Lord British's much-talked about Shroud of the Avatar announced the game will be taking Bitcoins for pledge, add-on purchases and Player Owned towns. More significantly, they've also released details of the Q4 release schedule.

Portalarium Begins Steam Greenlight Campaign

Portalarium has sent word that it has started a Steam Greenlight campaign to see Shroud of the Avatar to the digital platform. Players are invited to visit the Greenlight page and vote for Shroud of the Avatar.

LiveStream With Richard Garriot & Starr Long (UPDATED!)

Join MMORPG.com's Rob Lashley Friday at 10:00 pm EDT / 7:00 pm PDT as he interviews Shroud of the Avatar's Richard Garriot and Starr Long. The event will be held via the MMORPG.com Live Stream page so join up early to grab a seat for this exclusive event.

Opening Cinematic, Release 9 Updates

Fantasy MMO developer Portarium Inc. this week introduced players to the lands of Shroud of the Avatar with a sexy new intro cinematic. With only six days until Release 9, they're celebrating with events, items, and a new Weekend Access Sweepstakes.

Pre-Alpha Release 9 Sweepstakes!

MMORPG.com is very pleased to present this exclusive sweepstakes event! We have partnered with Portalarium Inc to give away 1,000 Pre-Alpha Release 9 access for the latest MMORPG by RPG legend Richard Garriot - Shroud of the Avatar! Enter for a chance to win now!