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Shroud of the Avatar Articles

Two Player Owned Towns Spotlighted In Latest Newsletter

Portalarium has sent out the latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter, and with the most recent news from the developers comes a pair of profiles of player-owned towns within the game.

Music Peek, Zone Screens & Gallery of Wonderful Horrors

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived that is packed to the rafters with a video showcase of the game's music system seen in the video below, a pair of zone profiles and an invitation to check out the Gallery of Wonderful Horrors.

Jannaford Coming in R23 Along with Player-Named NPCs

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has arrived hot off the press that includes the usual boatload of information. Of particular note this week, Portalarium has revealed Jannaford, a new scene devs have been preparing for Release 23. One of the newest members of the team, Richard Matey, has been instrumental in the level design of Jannaford as is evidenced by the great looking screenshots.

Release 22 for First Responders Begins

Shroud of the Avatar backers at "First Responder" and above are invited to attend the game's latest build, Release 22. The event has already kicked off and is packed with all sorts of new things for players to experience and test.

Preparing for Trick or Treat - New Items Added

In the latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter, Portalarium shows that it is getting ready for Halloween with the arrival of both a dyeable witch hat and spider wall decorations, one to wear and one to creep out the castle. In addition, several big community events are planned and detailed.

Newsletter Details Blood River Massacre, Fishing And More

Portalarium has sent out the latest newsletter detailing a new single-player scene along with the addition of fishing, musical instruments and more.

Release 21 Launched To Thousands Of Backers

Shroud of the Avatar backers are invited by the team to log in to the game to check out Release 21 which launched on August 27th. The latest build includes the new use-based system, new creatures, crafting skills and more.

Let There Be Dragons

The Shroud of the Avatar team has sent out this week's newsletter that, as usual, is packed with information about development and community news throughout the week.

Latest Newsletter Details Use Based System For Skills

Latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter highlights the first part of the use based systems and a new Airship City Home design.

New Player Owned Town Profiled

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter was sent out, packed with a lot of new information on what the team has been up to this week. Among other things some new devs have been hired, NPC player name submissions and new information on the design of Desolate Hills as well as Architecture of the Obsidians.

Town Editor Video Released

With the Player Owned Towns being implemented at the end of this month in Shroud of the Avatar, Portalarium is ready to show the Town Editor in the latest video created by the team to demonstrate how it works.

Weekly Update #133: Very Large Creatures Detailed

Portalarium have put up this week's newsletter detailing an update for Shroud of the Avatar, which includes very large creatures (specifically, trolls) and a new list of upcoming community based events among other things.

Latest Newsletter Reveals Upcoming Schedule

The latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter has hit the airwaves and it contains tons of great information as usual. Players interested in finding out more about the lore behind Port Phoenix should visit the game site to educate themselves.

Latest Newsletter Features Player-Created Tour Of R19

Shroud of the Avatar alpha Release 19 is currently underway and features a latest player-created town, some new creatures and much more.

New Town Template and PvP Mode Detailed in Latest Newsletter

Despite the fact that E3 was held the last week, Shroud of the Avatar devs were busy detailing new features added to the game. Of particular note is the inclusion of the new player owned swamp template and Order of Vengeance PvP Tournaments.