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Shroud of the Avatar Articles

Shroud of the Avatar Lays Out Recovery And Restoration Plans Following Outages And Rollback

Shroud of the Avatar's community manager has confirmed what many feared (and we reported on Saturday): the build on the current test client is indeed from August following server outages the past week. As such, the team at Catnip has laid out some of its plans to recover and restore accounts affected.

Shroud of the Avatar Missteps Have Become Incalculable but Intends to Stay the Course

Shroud of the Avatar has had a pretty bad run of things over the past several years. Despite these hardships, the development team took to the forums to assuage fears that the game will fade away.

Shroud of the Avatar Build 1454 Brings Incremental Fixes and Improvements

Build 1454 for Shroud of the Avatar brings the goods with some additional fixes and improvements, including one addressing crafting related UI.

Shroud of the Avatar Build 1448 Brings Long-Awaited Movement Fixes

If you've been waiting for Shroud of the Avatar to issue fixes when you're traveling around the world, patch 1448 should have you covered.

Shroud of the Avatar Patch 1437 Live

The next Shroud of the Avatar patch is here and brings about a ton of fixes and tweaks.

Shroud of the Avatar Release 91 Adds New Daily Quest, Tons of Changes

Shroud of the Avatar has received Release 91 and brings with it new daily quests, plus some glorious patch notes. Here's what you can look forward to.

Shroud of the Avatar's Well of Aldur Update is Almost Here

The Shroud of the Avatar update #42 gives us a preview of the Well of Aldur. Here's what you need to know.

Shroud of the Avatar Posts Latest Live Stream Q&A Celebrating the Holidays

A tweet advertising the new Shroud of the Avatar Q&A Livestream and 'Homes for the Holiday' sale went live earlier today. In addition to the many items added to the store, including many holiday themed decorations, a login rewards program rewards complete with a Lord British 2-Handed Axe.

Shroud of the Avatar Receives Foal & Tamed Horse Exchange

A new foal and tamed horse exchange has been added to Shroud of the Avatar, just after Release 83 in fact. Here are some details.

Mounts Arrive in Shroud of the Avatar Release 83

Mounts have finally arrived in Shroud of the Avatar's latest Release 83. Here are some details.

Shroud of the Avatar - Crafting Station Surface Decorations Added - Livestream Planned

In a tweet by the official Shroud of the Avatar twitter account, a new community Q&A will happen around 4PM CT, on their official twitch channel. Also mentioned, in update #399, Crafting Station Decoration Surfaces!

Shroud of the Avatar Provides a Sneak Peak of the Well of Aldur

The Shroud of the Avatar team have provided a sneak peak of the Well of Aldur in their latest community update.

You Have Till September 21 To Submit Your Entry for Shroud of the Avatar's Screenshot/Video Contest

A new screenshot and video contest was announced for Shroud of the Avatar recently, with the chance for you and your guild to win some prizes.

Shroud of the Avatar Outlines Functionality of Player-Owned Town Signposts

In their most recent community update, the Shroud of the Avatar team expanded on the functionality of player-owned town signposts.

Shroud of the Avatar's Community Update Outlines Player-Owned Town Teleporters

The newest community update for Shroud of the Avatar touches on player-owned teleporters. Here's what you need to know.