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Perfect World - Introductory Q&A

While we aren't quite ready to add them to our Game List, the folks at Perfect World Entertainment (the company bringing Perfect World to the North American market)have answered a number of our introductory questions about their game, Perfect World.

Introductory Q&A

What is Perfect World International?

Perfect World International

Perfect World International is the US release of Perfect World. Our version will be in English and will have top notch service.


Where was this game first officially launched and can you tell us a little bit about the game’s popularity there?

Perfect World International

Perfect World was first introduced in China in late 2006. Initially introduced into the market as a subscription-based game, Perfect World Inc. decided to convert the game into a Free to Play model in order to reach a broader audience. While already well received, Perfect World’s popularity in China surged after the game’s conversion. Perfect World has been the recipient of over forty awards in China, including “Most Popular Online Game” and “Most Popular MMORPG”.

What sets Perfect World apart from other MMOs currently on the market?

Perfect World International

Perfect World has an immense number of features that set it apart from the Free to Play games on the market but also from subscription based games as well. In my opinion the character creation system is one of the most unique features of Perfect World.

Perfect World’s character creation system is incredibly detailed. You can literally change almost every aspect of your character’s face. You can adjust everything from the bridge of your nose down to the shape of your chin. To me this is one of the most powerful aspects of Perfect World, and I’m sure you can imagine all the different possibilities that open up with this kind of system. But I think the most powerful aspect of our character creation system is that you can actually create yourself within our game world.

What is being done to localize Perfect World International for a North American audience?

Perfect World International

An immense amount of work is being done to localize Perfect World International for the English speaking audience. I’ve seen a lot of Free to Play games out there that just have flat out horrible localization, I’m sure you have as well. In fact, so many Free to Play games exhibit this unfortunate trait that it’s developed into a full blown stigma within the industry. We’re aiming to break that mold and provide an experience where the game’s text accents your experience, rather than detract from it.

Can you tell us a little bit about the progression system in Perfect World?

Perfect World International

Perfect World has a great progression system compared to other Free to Play games. A lot of Free to Play games from Asia negate the quest-loving nature of its audience and force players to grind at one point or another. They like to consider this “extensive game play”. This is where we break the mold again as Perfect World is filled with an enormous number of quests. What’s even better is that there is an actual button in your quest log that you can click which will provide you with the coordinates of the next available quest giver; all with respect to your appropriate level and quest log status.

Another great thing about character progression in Perfect World is that there’s no one way to play a character/class as each class has multiple ways to advance through their skill trees. For example with the Venomancer class you can pump skill points into your ranged, magical abilities and choose to fight from afar. If this isn’t your thing, distribute your skill points into your Werefox skills and play as more of a traditional, melee DPS class. The choice is ultimately yours.

Can you tell us a little bit about the combat system in Perfect World?

Perfect World International

Anyone familiar with WoW or any other Free to Play title should feel right at home in Perfect World. What’s one of the great things about Perfect World: it blends familiarity with innovations. One example of that is Chi. As you use abilities/spells, you build up Chi, which can then be used for more powerful abilities depending on how you’ve invested your skill points

What races and classes will be available in Perfect World?

Perfect World International

Perfect World offers three different races and six different classes. The key thing to remember is that with the level of customization provided in the character skill trees, the degree of class distinction is vast.