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MMORPG’s Best of E3 2015 Awards

By William Murphy on June 25, 2015 | Awards | Comments

MMORPG’s Best of E3 2015 Awards


Best Indie MMO

Life is Feudal

Okay, if we’re being honest, Life is Feudal isn’t quite an MMO… yet. You can buy it and play the more limited survival RPG now, but when the MMO portion launches later this year, we expect more than a few sandbox MMO fans are going to find a lot to love in Life is Feudal. With fully customizable housing, PVP warfare, and a deep skill progression system LiF is one to watch, no doubt.


Best RPG of E3: Sword Coast Legends


We can’t gush about this one enough. Yes, Fallout 4 was announced at E3, but it wasn’t playable. Due out in September, n-Space’s Sword Coast Legends gave us a feast for our RPG-loving brains by treating us to a quick look at the campaign building tools, and then they let us take the Dungeon Master tools for a spin. Being bad, never felt so good. Seriously, there are a lot of great games and RPGs out this year. But Sword Coast Legends with its endless content possibilities has the potential to be the best of them all.


Most Anticipated: SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire


It’s the year of Star Wars, and BioWare knows it. We got an early look at the sort of story-based gameplay we can expect from Knights of the Fallen Empire at E3, and we came away very excited to see the expansion go live in October. In fact, several of us have even re-subscribed in anticipation of a return to what BioWare does best: tell a tale. Of all the MMOs we saw at E3, SWTOR’s expansion has us the most excited to see what happens next in the story BioWare has to tell.


Best of Show: FFXIV: Heavensward

Square Enix

Last, but most definitely not least, the Best of Show all around award has to go to FFXIV: Heavensward. Not only were Yoshi P and a good portion of the SE team there showing off the game just days before Early Access for the expansion, but it was all over the show floor drawing in crowds to check out the new content, take on a boss, and see what Ishgard is all about. FFXIV is a truly remarkable game that’s only gotten better since it’s re-release. Our Heavensward review is forthcoming, but it definitely deserves the recognition it’s getting from fans and new players alike as an ideal expansion for the venerable MMORPG.  So here’s to you, Square Enix. Thanks for making A Realm Reborn so great with 2.0, and improving upon it tenfold with Heavensward.

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