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Taking a 2017 Victory Lap with Santa Hero aka Meltdown

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Taking a 2017 Victory Lap with Santa Hero aka Meltdown

Ship of Heroes has had a big year in 2017. In a new video, the team takes a victory lap for all of its accomplishments throughout the year as well as showing off a budding holiday event and some nifty flying action and costumes. 

Here's how the happy Ship of Heroes Santas describe the video:

The 2017 Christmas season is here. This is the first holiday video produced by Ship of Heroes that shows an in-game holiday event: finding and opening presents on the streets of Apotheosis City. As each present is opened, signature hero Meltdown receives money and/or a gift reward, and a clip shows one of the key events of the past twelve months of game development. Ship of Heroes was nothing more than a website with concept art in December of 2016. One year later, the game is well on the way to being launched.

The video takes place in the recently upgraded Science Park area of Apotheosis City, and the clips chosen show the progression of concept art, then an early version of the persistent environment, then the character creator, powers, team combat, character flight, mission maps and instancing, network tests, PAX West, the first Alpha test, and finally the unveiling of full powersets for characters. Heroic Games has had an extremely effective year, and we have honestly revealed exactly what we've achieved. This video also contains the first broad-based appeal that Ship of Heroes has made to the entire community for donations to support the ongoing development of the game.

Ship of Heroes is an MMORPG under development in the Unreal 4.16 engine, and is expected to conduct a second Alpha test during December of 2017, and further testing during 2018.

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


MMORPG.com Staff