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Latest Gameplay Video Shows Updates to Alpha Combat

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Latest Gameplay Video Shows Updates to Alpha Combat

The Ship of Heroes team has released a new gameplay video that shines the spotlight on progress being made on the combat system during alpha testing. The video comes ahead of planned closed combat Alpha tests with select community members. During these special events, developers will host a tour of Apotheosis City and showcase a number of features including the signature hero, Meltdown.

In the video, you can see the colors currently being used for enemy level identification, from light green for two levels below the player to purple for 4+ levels above the player.  We expect to make changes to these features based on feedback from the Alpha, but this is the current state of the game.

The area you see in the video is the starting location for the upcoming combat Alpha runs.  This spot is in the Science Park area of Apotheosis city.  It is the respawn point for defeated heroes in the Alpha, although we have coded an in-combat resurrection power.  You can see the icon for rez in slot number 11 of Meltdown’s lower powertray.

Learn more about the game on the Ship of Heroes site.


MMORPG.com Staff