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Ship of Heroes has Released a Halloween Video to Show Off Themed Missions

Heroic Games has released a Ship of Heroes Halloween video depicting some spooky surroundings and Halloween themed baddies. The team continues to push forward with debugging and creating missions as they make their way towards launch.

Ship of Heroes Team Details 'Ivar & Sons' Auction House

The Ship of Heroes team has pushed out a new video to showcase the in-game auction house called "Ivar & Sons". The video showcases a character putting an item on the auction house using the "seemingly simple," yet robust system. "Functional trading system for players? Check!" the blog reads.

Ship of Heroes Internal Footage & City Improvements

The Ship of Heroes team has published a new video featuring some internal footage "to show our devs how the main level is coming along". The video is narrated by the lead environmental artist with commentary on recent changes that include day/night cycle, road designs, streetlights and street signs.

Ship of Heroes 2018 Holiday Invasion and Infusions

The Ship of Heroes team has sent out a brand new video to showcase the massive number of improvements that the game has undergone throughout 2018 as well as provide a peek at a holiday event that will be included on the game's final release.

Ship of Heroes Team Reveals the Restorative Nanites Powerset

The Ship of Heroes team has pushed out a new video to reveal the Restorative Nanites Powerset. The Powerset is a healing and buffing series of abilities that are appropriate for primary support characters or as a secondary powerset for Devastators.

Happy Halloween from the Ship of Heroes Team

It IS Halloween and no game is immune from a themed event! The Ship of Heroes team wants its fans to know that Halloween has a special spot in the game. To show some of what the devs have planned, a new video has been sent out with a description of what players can look forward to once the game debuts!

Ship of Heroes Video Showcases the Day & Night In Apotheosis City

The Ship of Heroes team has sent out a new video to showcase the day / night cycle in Apotheosis City. The video offers viewers a time-lapse look at how lighting and "emissives on buildings and cars" change based on the time of day.

Ship of Heroes Trailer Lets You See Civilians and Cars

You may remember that late last week, the Ship of Heroes site was updated with a blog post called "Civilians and Cars" and how the team was working with both to make the city feel alive while, at the same time, keeping the system drain on a player's PC down to a minimum. To show this off, the Ship of Heroes team has released a brand new trailer shot in-game.

Mission Map Upgrades

It's been a year since the first Mission Map was shown to Ship of Heroes fans. To celebrate the big day and to show off the vast number of improvements and updates that the Mission Map has gone through in the intervening months, a new video has been released. It features the same map as shown a year ago with a completely new look and is shown using the new, upgraded engine.

February 2018 Combat Alpha Highlights

The Ship of Heroes combat alpha has kicked off. To show off where the game is in its current early phase of development, the team took up to three supporters on a tour of Apotheosis City to view a vertical slice of the game.