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Want to Know What the Team's Been Up To? You Can Thanks to Extensive Posts

By Catherine Daro on July 29, 2018 | News | 0

The Ship of Heroes forum has a pair of extensive posts that lay out in great detail the things that the team has been working on over the past several months. The list includes a long list of technical and coding improvements that have led to a number of big things being added to the current build including the day/night cycle and much more.

I was just chatting on the side with one of our forum posters, and he suggested that I post a list of things we've done in the last few months. This got me thinking, and prompted by the suggestion, I wanted to share some of that thinking. I told him we are working mostly on six big areas of the game:

1. The characters, costumes, morph targets, and related character art.

2. The city, props, buildings, mission maps, and other environmental art.

3. The code that works with the Unreal Engine, and creates the game.

4. The powers, animations, FX, and SFX.

5. The mission and big battle systems.

6. Leveling and advancement.

Check out post 1 for the list of technical improvements and post 2 for more specific information on the Ship of Heroes site.


Catherine Daro