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Ship of Heroes Video Shows Off Riot at the Arches Test

Invasion test coming next

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Ship of Heroes newsletter looks at the first test of Riot at the Arches.

“We just finished a surprise community event in which we let anyone with a forum ID from the SoH forums test out the current state of Ship of Heroes,” reads the blog, “During this event, we did some additional unscripted testing of our riot event, in which players must face waves of enemies. In this video three devs and nine players responded to the call to test the riot code for the first time.”

The video below shows the first, rough test of a city-wide event called Riot at the Arches. The devs explain that this is rough content, and that they are code testing with a few willing players. Another version of this riot was so difficult that not only were the players all killed, the devs were also killed despite being in God Mode, and the server crashed.

The devs were testing an unexpected interaction of powers such as buffs and debuffs with larger crowd of heroes. Apparently, their code team has spent more than a week searching for two classes of unplanned interactions, with eventual success.

 The next event on the roster is set to be an invasion test, which will be notably bigger than this riot. The devs are hoping to attract at least 30 testers into a single big battle, and to repeat it multiple times.


Poorna Shankar

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