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Ship of Heroes Articles

PAX Plans: A Panel Discussing Designing a Superhero MMO

The Ship of Heroes team will be on hand during next week's PAX West convention. As part of the weekend's events, CEO Casey McGeever will be on hand with representatives of Missing Worlds Media (City of Titans) and Silverhelm Studios (Valiance Online) to present a panel entitled "A Home for Heroes" that details how a superhero MMO is designed.

Every Stat Can be Buffed or Debuffed, Check out the WiP List

Ship of Heroes fans may be interested in a new article on the game's site that reveals all of the buffs and debuffs that players will have access to. Of particular note is the fact that ever stat in the game can be either buffed or debuffed. Obviously the provided list is a work in progress, but it gives you a good idea where the feature is headed in the long run.