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Ship of Heroes Articles

Devs Now Taking Part in the Glorious Work of Spring Cleaning

The Ship of Heroes forum has a new post from Casey McGeever to let fans know what the team has been up to most recently. After tying on bandanas and pulling out the virtual dust cloths, the team is hard at work with spring cleaning activities designed to scrub out and reorganize extraneous code. "It's complex and a bit grindy to do, so we force ourselves to do it periodically," McGeever writes.

Timeline Updated for the Balance of 2018

The Ship of Heroes team is steaming along in the development of the budding superhero game. As a result, the timeline for the 2018 has been updated with new additions and new details about what is in the current pipeline.

Apotheosis City is Larger Than City of Heroes Starting Maps

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new post to show off the Apotheosis City map that is said to be "larger than the starting maps in City of Heroes and probably also SWTOR, for any of the first four game-entry worlds". The map shows off what will eventually be an open location in an urban landscape built using modular construction units.

After Alpha Combat Runs, Team Details a Number of Incoming Changes

The Ship of Heroes team is wrapping up a series of alpha combat runs with members of the press and community. During these runs, the team determined that there are nine crucial issues to work on in the coming months. Improvements will come across a variety of systems including sheathing / unsheathing weapons, unbalanced FX between powersets, recharge times on abilities, blink powers and others.

Combat Alpha  Coming in the Latter Half of February

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new developer blog to let fans and backers in on some exciting news: "The first combat alpha for Ship of Heroes will begin in the second half of February". Developers will be personally escorting groups of 3-4 donors, supporters and press through the available portions of the game and let them perform "street sweeping" to try out the current combat mechanics.

Villain Group Lore Expanded in New Forum Post

Recently, the Ship of Heroes team spent time during a live stream discussing the Villain groups that will be coming to the game on launch. To expand on the lore behind villains, a new forum post has been published to provide some observations about villains. You can learn more about Nagdellians, Promethians, the Yekus Mercenary Clan and other details that came out of the stream.

Weekend Stream Event Shows Off Villains & Costumes

Over the weekend, the Ship of Heroes team took part in a special live stream event with developers Casey McGeever and Matt Wilson showed off a number of in-game things, most notably including villain costumes among the various groups. You'll get a good look at costumes, texturing and more, as well as glean a few hints about enemies and their powers.

Warehouse District Detailed in Latest Blog Update

The latest blog has been posted on the Ship of Heroes site, this time detailing the Warehouse District. The location will be a "mission hub" of sorts where players can patrol and go "street sweeping". In addition, players will find a wealth of trading opportunities with the district holding imports for transfer and exports waiting for ships to haul them off.

Large-Scale Raid Test Features Hundreds of Character Clones

The Ship of Heroes team has sent out a new video to show off some of the internal large-scale raid testing with 100, 200 and 300 character clones all hanging out in a single environment. Apotheosis City raids will allow for up to 50 players, though more are possible.

Fourth Villain Group Revealed Along with the Role of Magic

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post to unveil the game's fourth villain group called the Red Sigil. In addition, the role of magic in the game is explored, most particularly focusing on The Attuned, a "general-purpose faction" that is centered on mages and learning magic.

New Customization Options Added as a Result of Community Feedback

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new post detailing additional customization options as a result of community feedback. Most notably, players will have more costume pieces added in the future as well as new ways to adjust skin tones and, eventually, to be able to add emblems to costumes.

Dark Magic Powerset Previewed - A Perfect Halloween Addition

The Ship of Heroes team doesn't want folks to think that Halloween is something superheroes will be immune to. As a result, a new blog post has been posted on the official site to reveal the first information about the Dark Magic Powerset. You have to admit, it's the perfect addition for Halloween!

Lightning Blast Powerset Previewed in Latest Video

The Ship of Heroes team is ready to show off the latest powerset that is currently in the works. This time, the Lightning Blast is the third full powerset to be shown off to fans. It is a primary powerset for Devastators and can be a secondary for support characters. Lightning Blast will provide players with a primary and secondary damage effect as well as a debuff to defenses. Add in some self-buff powers and you have a robust powerset to consider.

First Round of Character Creation Alpha Complete

The Ship of Heroes team has sent word that the first Character Creation Alpha event is now complete. To show off some of what players made during the special alpha, a set of screenshots have been released on the game's official site. This is the first time that anyone other than developers have had an opportunity to lay hands on the game.

New Mercenary Clan Introduced: The Yekus

The Yekus are a newly revealed mercenary clan that will be present in Ship of Heroes. This group is a multi species group that can be used as soldiers no matter which side a player is on. In essence, they are "muscle" for all sides and can be present in eleven worlds.