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Ship of Heroes Articles

Ship of Heroes Team Reaffirms That It is 'The Next Step in Superhero Gaming'

The Ship of Heroes team has posted a brief response on the game's official forums in response to yesterday's news of a City of Heroes "secret" server that has been in operation for years. The Ship of Heroes team wants fans to know that it is in full blown development and on track for an end of the year beta where "the WHOLE community can be involved". In addition, the post says that SoH "is the next step in superhero gaming".

Ship of Heroes Team Reveals a Few Details About the Mission System

Over the weekend, the Ship of Heroes team laid out the first details about the Mission System in the game and the mechanics behind them. In an interesting twist, devs revealed that players will be able to slightly scale difficulty for "most missions". A level 20 player may, for instance, scale up the mission difficulty for enemies to be level 21 or scale down the mission for enemies to be level 19.

Ship of Heroes Team: Leveling Up is More Than a Flash & a Bunch of Words

The Ship of Heroes forum has a new post from the development team that provides the community with an update on what is in the current pipeline. Most notably, the team is taking a hard look at the level-up process. "You might think this is easy -- just a flash of light and some text on the screen saying you leveled up...but it is actually a fundamental system," the post reads.

Ship of Heroes Has Big Plans for 2019 Including a Possible Raid Test & More

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a post to take a look back at the development accomplishments during 2018 and to provide the community with a peek ahead at 2019. Players can look forward to upcoming events including one featuring the upgraded character creator and a possible raid test later in the year.

Ship of Heroes Log In Test Deemed a Success by CEO

After last week's Ship of Heroes log in event, the company's CEO Casey McGeever has deemed it a success. Most notably, the FPS remained high and, as the primary goal of the event, developers are pleased with the result. Backers "showed up and seemed to have a good time". Players were decked out in a variety of costumes that "looked good" and developers received compliments.

Ship of Heroes Backers Invited to Register for a LogIn Test on December 18th

The Ship of Heroes team is inviting backers of $25+ levels to register for a special login event that will take place this Saturday, December 18th from approximately 7:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Eastern. During the event, players will literally login without character creation and stand around in a small area to check on recent technical improvements designed to boost FPS. However, players will be able to see a wide array of customization options nonetheless as every character will be unique.

Ship of Heroes Team Details How It's Keeping FPS Up to Snuff

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a very technical article about how the team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that FPS in the game is kept under control when there are large numbers of players on screen simultaneously. To do so, a number of tools have been developed to mitigate FPS loss as a result.

Ship of Heroes Devs Detail Civilians & Cars & Making a City Feel Alive

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post to show off the most recent works by the team, particularly with regard to NPCs and how the team is invested in providing a "living" city for its players. Besides adding a vibrant NPC population, complete with vehicular travel, developers are also cognizant of keeping a "reasonable FPS for our new MMORPG". The goal is to "strike a good balance between immersion and FPS".

Want to Know What the Team's Been Up To? You Can Thanks to Extensive Posts

The Ship of Heroes forum has a pair of extensive posts that lay out in great detail the things that the team has been working on over the past several months. The list includes a long list of technical and coding improvements that have led to a number of big things being added to the current build including the day/night cycle and much more.

Check Out a New Half-Human Hero Named Meltdown

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post that introduces one of the games heroes, this time the half-human Meltdown. Born of a human mother and a Vais father, Meltdown has built a commercial empire and "he frequently offered philanthropic assistance to the Justice in the form of rare resources, connections & loans". Let's not forget that he, too, has good fighting abilities and, as a result of all of the above, he's quite a popular fellow.

All About Nanites & Nanotechnology

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post that looks at how nanites serve the game community in both mundane and more exotic ways, including in combat, in this case in the form of "counter-nanites" for defensive purposes.

Heroic Games Shows Off a Brand New Female Costume

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a blog post to show off a brand new female costume that was created using the SoH Design Studio. According to the post, the costume will be available for players "to use in creating and customizing their characters".

Heroic Games Details Its Philosophy on What Makes an Alpha or Beta Test?

The Ship of Heroes site has been updated with a new blog post to lay out Heroic Games' philosophy about alpha and beta testing. For its purposes, Ship of Heroes entered "alpha" when the character creator test was conducted. The second event was earlier this year when the team escorted players and media through combat testing. Soon, a third event will take place later this summer.

Milestone Schedule Keeps Everybody on Track

The latest developer blog has been published on the Ship of Heroes site. In it, Casey McGeever reveals the importance of the Milestone Schedule, both as a tool to keep development on track and as a way to keep the community apprised of what the team is currently working on. In addition, McGeever writes about the reality of milestones -- that sometimes dates slip -- and how the developers work cooperatively to "ask how [they] can recover the schedule".

May Update Provides Insight into Developers' Progress

The Ship of Heroes forum has a new post from Casey McGeever to provide the community with some insights into where the developers have been spending their time for the past several weeks. McGeever calls it a "stream of consciousness update" and writes on six different topics.