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    Harebrained Schemes
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Shadowrun Returns Overview

Shadowrun Returns is a single-player tactical RPG based upon the original Shadowrun tabletop game. shadowrun Returns was funded through Kickstarter, with original Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman as lead designer, intending to create a more faithful adaptation of the source. With a blend of science and fantasy, it takes place in 2054 and features races such as Elves and Trolls set against a backdrop in which mega-corporations have taken over. Combat in the game is turn-based, using an AP system, and players will be able to choose their weapons. Choose from five races and six classes (or a seventh option - no set class) and develop your character's traits. You are a shadowrunner and the included campaign (more are available from the community) embroiling you in a mysterious investigation into the murder of a friend, which widens into a much more complex and threatening situation. FEATURES
  • Shadowrun Goes Back to its Roots | With original Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman aboard, as well as input from devs on the SNES and Genesis games, the game features all new content with throwback elements for fans.
  • Turn-based Tactical Combat | Use action points to plot out each battle, and switch weapons at no AP cost to fit your strategy.
  • Community Created Content | The game was designed to encourage modding and community input. The included campaign, Dead Man's Switch, is just one you can play through, with others created by players.
  • Five Races, Six Classes to Customize | Choose to play as Elf, Dwarf, Ork, Troll, or Human. Then choose from Decker, Mage, Physical Adept, Rigger, Shaman, Street Samurai, or no class at all.
Dragonfall Director’s Cut: Diving Back Into the Shadows

After seeing a number of spectacular failures recently on Kickstarter, Yogventures and Clang to name two, it’s nice to see a kickstarted game go above and beyond what it originally promised its backers. One such game is Shadowrun Returns. Last time we checked in with developer Harebrained Schemes they had recently released the Dragonfall DLC which is the second campaign following Dead Man’s Switch fulfilling all their obligations to their Kickstarter backers.

Dragonfall - The Feel of What Shadowrun Should Be

Shadowrun: Dragonfall is the follow up DLC to Shadowrun Returns. Shadowrun Returns, released last summer, was the second coming to video game glory for this postmodern sci-fi meets fantasy magic apocalypse RPG franchise that knew early video game success with phenomenal games on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis but more recently had its name drug through the mud in 2007 with a terrible FPS released for the X-Box 360 and Windows PC.