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Shadowrun Chronicles Articles

Beware the plague... INFECTED Update launched today

Cliffhanger Productions just announced the release of their most recent update for the Shadowrun Chronicles. A Nanite infection is taking over Boston, and you're invited in on the fun! Wait... that doesn't sound like fun.

Developer Cliffhanger Software Declares Bankruptcy

As reported by Twinstiq.com, it seems the future for Shadowrun Chronicles looks a little bleak as the development studio (and one half of the company Cliffhanger Productions) has declared bankruptcy. Read on for more details.

Boston Lockdown Released

Cliffhanger Productions has announced the release of Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, the first in a series of episodic content blending tactical game play and RPG elements. To celebrate the release, Cliffhanger has sent out a brand new trailer set in the dystopian future featured in the Shadowrun games. Enjoy!

New Name Applied & Launch Date Announced

Cliffhanger Productions has announced that Shadowrun Online will now be known as Shadowrun Chronicles. The team has been considering a name change for awhile and took community input in order to come up with the new name.

Physical Boxed Copy Incoming

The Shadowrun Online Kickstarter page has been updated with a new note to let backers know that a new agreement has been reached with Nordic Games to bring physical boxed copies of the game to retailers around the world.

Big Patch, Big Changes Including Co-op

Cliffhanger Productions has announced that a significant patch has been applied to Shadowrun Online. Of notable interest is the increase in party size, a World Map, quest hubs and cooperative game play. Much more has been added to Shadowrun Online including overhauled skills, new skill trees, new missions and more.

Live Q&A with the Dev Team in Less Than an Hour

The Shadowrun Online team will be on Google+ in less than an hour in a live Q&A. Interested fans can check the details below to be present from the get-go.

Big Update Incoming June 4th

The Shadowrun Online team has announced a big update that will arrive on June 4th. The update will feature new missions, random monster spawns, bug fixes, feature enhancements and much more. In addition, the team will be on hand via Google Hangouts on June 4th to show off some of the new content.

Early Access Begins on Steam

Shadowrun Online has now officially entered its early access phase of development and can be played via the Steam gaming platform. The early access content includes a "prequel" to the upcoming full release version of the game.

Early Access Begins March 31st

In a new video developer diary, the Shadowrun Online team has announced that early access for the game will begin on Steam on March 31st. Players will get to take part in a "prequel" to the main campaign along with a bit of PvP action. The early access is designed for testing out features and to provide feedback to the team with the early access lasting anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Check out the video below for the included Q&A.