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Secret World Legends Articles

Roman Amiel on Making Secret World Legends Better Than the Original

With today's huge announcement of Secret World Legends, a rebranding and reimagined game, fans are clamoring for more information. We had the chance to send along a few questions to Game Director Roman Amiel that will provide a few of them. It's a great and informative interview so get crackin'!

Issue 13 - New Stories & a Darker Tone

Funcom’s The Secret World is gearing up for the release of Issue 13 this week and there are quite a lot of things that are happening. Issue 13 is a brand new issue that people can purchase. It comes packed with five new missions, a host of achievements, rewards and more. We had the opportunity to speak with Romain Amiel about Issue 13, something he and the team are clearly very excited about.

What is #IAMTSW?

The Secret World Community Team recently started a new initiative called "#IAMTSW" that gives players a chance to participate in any one of several week's competitions. We had the opportunity to chat with Senior Community Manager Laurie Payne about #IAMTSW. See what she had to say and check out some of the amazing creations by the TSW community.

The Enhanced Player Experience - Our Exclusive Interview

The Secret World was updated earlier today with the Enhanced Player Experience that brings a host of big changes to players in the earliest levels of the game and some overall improvements that are sure to please even the most veteran of players. We chatted with Lead Designer Romain Amiel to find out more.

Joel Bylos on the Past, Present & Future of TSW

Getting the opportunity to interview developers is one of the highlights of my career. Getting the chance to meet them in person is really the only step up from it. I’ve had the pleasure of not only interviewing The Secret World’s Joel Bylos before but I also met him at Gamescom a few years ago. He is passionate about TSW, and loves a good joke. So when the anniversary for The Secret World was approaching I reached out to get an interview.

A Sneak Peek at Issue 8

The Secret World is getting ready to see Issue 8 deployed but it has been shrouded with a bit of mystery as to what it will entail. We chatted with Game Director Joel Bylos about what players can expect in Issue 8 and more. See what he had to say before heading to the comments to chat.

Joel Bylos - Loving His New Role

Funcom recently announced that Joel Bylos would be moving to a new role within the company, that of the overall Creative Director. We managed to catch up to Joel to talk about his new role and his vision for the Funcom titles. See what he has to say before joining the conversation in the comments.

Joel Bylos On the 'Buy to Play' Change

With the announcement earlier today that The Secret World would be going 'buy to play', a lot of questions have been raised as to the whys of the decision. Game Director Joel Bylos has a lot to say in our exclusive interview. Check it out!

The New Game Director Speaks

We had the opportunity to catch up with Funcom's Joel Bylos after his recent State of the Game letter for The Secret World was released. He's got a lot to say about the game, the team's vision and much more. Read on!

Funcom - About the Long Haul

During PAX Prime, we had the opportunity to chat with Age of Conan Unchained Game Director Craig Morrison. We covered topics including recent layoffs, what the future holds for Funcom and much more. Check it out!

Ranged Skills Interview

Ranged combat in The Secret World is going to be critical for success in controlling large mobs. We managed to catch up to Martin Bruusgaard to talk about ranged combat. Check it out!

The Social Experience

Funcom and the development team behind The Secret World chose to engage players in a whole new way prior to the game's release later this summer. Playing The Secret War allowed players to participate in the game using social media to do so. We caught up with Erling Ellingsen to talk about The Secret War. See what he's got to say and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The Melee Skills Interview

We sat down with Funcom's Martin Bruusgard to talk about the melee skills in The Secret World and how the team came up with all the different types... and more importantly, why hammering a guy in the face is so fun.

Magic Skills Interview

The Secret World boasts that it gives players the ability to focus on whatever type of combat they prefer, whether ranges, melee or magic. We caught up with Funcom's Martin Bruusgaard to tals specifically about magic in The Secret World. See what we discovered and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Gamescom – Ragnar Talks Persistent PVP

During Gamescom last week, The Secret World became a bit less secret as Funcom developers began shining the light on more of the game's details. MMORPG.com's John Milburn had the opportunity to talk with Funcom's Ragnar Tørnquist about persistent PvP. Check out our exclusive interview and then leave a thought or two in the comments.