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MMO ReRoll - Secret World Legends

Mitch played The Secret World when it first launched, though wasn't all that taken with the MMO. However, he's jumping back in to give it another shot with Secret World Legends in this latest MMO ReRoll.

Secret World Legends Anniversary Event Kicks Off Today

Starting today, Secret World Legends players can check into the game for the Anniversary Event that will last through July 9th. During the celebratory event, players will receive special daily log in rewards including an Epic Cache Key with a top-tier reward guaranteed. IN addition, all previously released caches have a chance to drop in the game for the duration. But wait! That's not all!

Funcom's New Game, Moons of Madness, Has Ties to Secret World Legends

Funcom will be launching a new "cosmic horror game" called Moons of Madness at Halloween this year. While cool in and of itself, it's also got a nifty tie in to Secret World Legends. Main protagonist Shane Newehart is a "technician stationed at the Invictus, a secret research base built by the Orochi group". Moons of Madness will be out for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC in October.

Secret World Legends Seasonal Mini Event 'Envoys of Avalon' Kicks Off

From today through March 27th, Secret World Legends players can take part in the seasonal mini event called Envoys of Avalon. Players are tasked with finding the Druids of Avalon "as they help usher you to the training simulation". There are, of course, exclusive loot, agent dossiers and legends to collect.

Secret World Legends Updated with Dark Agartha

Secret World Legends has been updated with the Dark Agartha content that is available to players once reaching level 50. A special mission in the "regular" Agartha will send them off to a new platform that will literally require a "leap of faith" to reach. From there, new challenges await including "intense, one-on-one battles with The Wandering Others" that must be accomplished within 17 minutes. Failure to do so will cost AP + SP to retry.

Dark Agartha Coming to Secret World Legends Nov 14th

The Secret World Legends team released a new video called "Dark Agartha" with tantalizing clues: "A mysterious path in Agartha has opened. Initially discovered by the Lost Conquistador, the question isn't just "where" the portal led, but to "when". Witness Dark Agartha, a telling of a possible apocalyptic future..."

Secret World Legends' Samhain Event Kicks Off, Runs Through November 1st

If there ever was a game that embodies the spooky thrills of Halloween, it's Secret World Legends. Embracing that spirit, Funcom has announced that Samhain has arrived and will remain through November 1st. During the event, players can take part in a new component called The Broadcast. Players will "travel the world and unravel the Numbers Station phenomenon".

Secret World Legends Launches the Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario

Secret World Legends is inviting players into the game to take part in the new Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario. Players are tasked with literally protecting the ancient structure from ever growing waves of monsters. At certain stopping points, players will be able to choose whether to stop and reap the rewards or to keep going against more difficult monsters. Every time players launch the scenario, they can begin where they left off due to the infinite scaling.

Secret World Legends - Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario

Funcom and the Secret World Legends team have posted up a preview of the upcoming Stonehenge Occult Defense Scenario that will be coming to the game in the future.

Faction Ranking Missions Revealed for Level 50 Players

The Secret World Legends site has been updated with a new post to introduce players to the incoming Faction Ranking missions. These special missions start once a player hits level 50 and have completed a series of other requirements. Completing Faction Ranking missions will "increase your standing within your Faction". The missions are designed to "provide extra challenge aimed at seasoned agent agents" and help them unlock "the remaining iterations of your faction uniform".

First Anniversary Event to Run from June 20th to July 11th

It's party time in Secret World Legends as the game's First Anniversary Event kicks off today. During the spectacular, players can claim new daily event login rewards, "beat up some pinatas, dig through the exclusive Anniversary Cache and discover brand-new Legends". The event will run through July 11th.

Romain Amiel Leaves Funcom After 11 Years

The Funcom forums have a surprising note from Romain Amiel who has announced that he is leaving the company after eleven years, eight of which were spent on The Secret World and Secret World Legends. He writes that he is handing over the reins to Chris Meredith. Amiel does not indicate where he is going or what his next steps may be, but spends almost the entire letter focused on his times with Funcom and the stories left to tell in Secret World.

Sponsored Dawn of the Morninglight Seems Worth the Wait

On April 4th, Funcom will release the first new story content update for Secret World Legends: Dawn of the Morninglight. The DLC continues the story after the end of Tokyo’s main narrative, with the player being blamed for the events of that story, being tracked by bounty hunters, and generally trying to clear their name. We toured the new issue with Romain Amiel and Andy Benditt, and are now counting down the days to its launch.

Dawn of the Morning Light Expansion Arrives - Set Sail for Africa

Secret World Legends has been updated with the Dawn of the Morning Light content expansion. For the first time, players will take off for Africa to infiltrate a cult compound. There's a fully voice-acted storyline and players will take the fight to enemies inspired by ancient South African folklore.

Dawn of the Morninglight Story Expansion to Launch on April 4th

Funcom has announced that Secret World Legends will be expanding on April 4th with new story content called Dawn of the Morninglight. New content will see players sent off to South Africa, a completely new location in the game, as they work to infiltrate a cult compound. Content includes a "brand new fully-voice acted storyline where they must battle creatures inspired by ancient South African folklore and uncover the sinister truths of the Morninglight cult".