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    Rocket City Games
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Second Chance Heroes Overview

Second Chance Heroes is a dual stick arcade-style action game. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to play a cloned historical badass alongside other cloned historical badasses in a crazy action game, you're getting your wish. Taking place in an apocalyptic scenario brought on by the likes of killer evil robots, zombies (including human, chicken), aliens, and sentient fast food, the game is a humorous, free to play experience allowing both single player offline play and online multiplayer co-op. Historical heroes available at launch include Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Montezuma, Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla, and Cleopatra. Abraham Lincoln with a chainsaw taking on a zombie horde, anyone? FEATURES
  • Humorous Action | Downloadable, free to play mobile game lets you play as cloned historical figures in an absurd apocalyptic scenario with plenty of humor. Beware zombies, robots, nuclear missiles, aliens, and more throughout.
  • Play Offline or Co-op With Friends | Team up with up to two other players and play through the game together. Players that have unlocked the same levels can play through GameCenter.
  • Choose Your Hero | Pick from a dozen upgradeable heroes (most of which must be unlocked) including Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Blackbeard, Julius Caesar, and Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Switch Between Heroes | You'll be able to switch between two heroes during gameplay.