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Sea Of Thieves' Mysteries Systems Aims To Bring Game Changing Storytelling To The High Seas

Sea of Thieves was always designed to deliver the ultimate pirate fantasy, whether that be exploring deserted islands for treasure, swashbuckling with other pirates for loot or just sailing the seas in your own galleon. The new Mysteries feature aims to bring live storytelling to the game in a way that, as the developers put it, "have never really seen before."

Sea of Thieves - Vault of the Ancients Available on All Platforms Today

Rare has released Vault of the Ancients, a big, free update for Sea of Thieves. Tons of new content, rewards, explorable areas, and even some furry companions, have joined the game.

Official Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Edition Trailer

The Sea of Thieves team is celebrating the big changes brought to the game for its Anniversary Update. The new trailer features "a treasure trove of game-changing features" that were brought in with the last big update.

Sea of Thieves: The Hunter's Call Preview & Trailer

The Sea of Thieves team was on hand during a live stream event this week to show off and preview the upcoming Anniversary event. Devs show content coming from The Hunter's Call, part of the Arena. The Arena brings 24-minute matches for those who want unbridled battle royale action. Tall Tales, also part of the anniversary event, will bring new story-based quests and includes Shores of Gold where players "experience a story of love, honor and betrayal".

Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena

Sea of Thieves is giving its players some all new ways to play the game when it opens The Arena on April 30th. Players will be able to "experience the thrill of competition and engage in explosive encounters" while there and show off their prowess in battle.

Sea of Thieves Developer Update: January 23rd 2019

Executive Producer Joe Neate is back with the latest Sea of Thieves Developer Update. Neate begins the video in a celebratory fashion with a mention of how pleased the dev team is with player engagement since the release of Shrouded Spoils.

Sea of Thieves Developer Update: January 9th 2019

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back with the latest edition of the Developer Update series. In this episode, Neate reveals that the Arena is currently in testing, some of the big improvements coming to the game in the future and he takes a look back at Shrouded Spoils and some of the key metrics from 2018.

First 2019 Sea of Thieves Developer Update Arrives to Welcome New Players & More

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back with the first 2019 edition of the Developer Update. In this episode, Neate welcomes all new pirates and reminds veterans of the "Pirate Code" while they're sailing the high seas.

Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer

Microsoft has announced that Sea of Thieves will be expanding in earlyish 2019 with the release of The Arena, a new PvP experience for the busy pirate with a bone to pick. During gameplay, pirates will set sail to hunt down treasure in a location that will pretty much force combat with other players.

Sea of Thieves Expanding Soon with Shrouded Spoils

The latest Sea of Thieves developer video blog has been published, this time with the first information about the game's next expansion, Shrouded Spoils. Executive Producer Joe Neate reflects on how the expansion content has been created in response to player feedback including more ship customization and endgame commendations and goals for Legendary Pirates.