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Sea Of Thieves Smuggler's Fortune Update Is Now Live

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Sea of Thieves' Smuggler's Fortune has sailed into port, bringing with it new adventures, cosmetics and riches for each pirate legend to find.

The new update to Microsoft's pirate adventure has launched on Xbox and PC, bringing new content to each pirate still sailing the high seas. According to a post on Xbox Wire, the prominent feature of Smuggler's Fortune is the new Pirate Emporium, a store that can be accessed from either an Outpost or your home screen. Chocked full of cosmetics, the store also brings with it some "utterly charming pet monkeys and parrots to Sea of Thieves."

Additionally, the new Voyages in the new update bring with them unique rewards. Bilge Rats Mercenary Voyages will be free to accept, even paying out Doubloons to your crew, and the Rag and Bone voyages will have crews racing the clock and each other to deliver hidden crates to those who need them. 

In addition to the new Pirate's Emporium, players can spend their money on special cosmetics smuggled into Duke's Black Market, a new permanent fixture to the game. New Ancient Skeletons, a rare new enemy in Sea of Theives, can drop Ancient Coins to be spent in the Pirate's Emporium.

You can check out the full notes on the update on Xbox Wire


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