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Sea of Thieves Receiving Ashen Winds Update July 29

Better hit registration, accessibility options

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Ashen Winds update is set to arrive in Sea of Thieves on July 29 featuring some improved hit registration.

The information was shared on Twitter, indicating the new July 29 date,

“Attention pirates! The next free Sea of Thieves content update, Ashen Winds, will arrive on July 29th.”

The team released a video outlining some of the features coming to this content, with better hit registration being on. Additionally, an Ashen Winds skull was shown. This skull can be turned in to the Order of Souls. Or, you could keep it and use it as a flamethrower of sorts against enemies and even ships.

A host of new accessibility options were shown off as well. These include a mode allowing the use of a single stick. You can also re-center the player camera to the horizon. Additionally, for those with thalassophobia, there will be an option to float as soon as they enter the water.

Take a look at the developer video below:


Poorna Shankar

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