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Sea of Thieves Fort Of The Damned Update Now Live

By Joseph Bradford on October 16, 2019 | News | 0

The upcoming content drop for Sea of Thieves has finally arrived, as Fort of the Damned has launched on both Xbox One and PC versions of the pirating game. Highlights of the release are the eponymous Fort of the Damned, adding Sloops to the arena and much more.

The new update brings with it the Fort of the Damned itself, as well as the new Sloop Arena, pitting duo teams of pirates against each other in naval combat. Additionally,  the Fort of the Damned update brings a refresh to the Black Market in Sea of Thieves, giving more players a chance grab the latest items before the next content update. 

From the announcement post on the Sea of Thieves website: 

Dark forces have seized Old Boot Fort and begun their eerie rituals, twisting it into the Fort of the Damned! Pushing through the mist to reach the island, crews must light the six Ferryman statues with the correct Flames of Fate retrieved from the Ferry of the Damned to release the ritual altar. Sacrificing a Ritual Skull to the altar, crews can summon forth the Shadows of Fate and fight back the horde before facing off against a familiar ghastly apparition. Those fearless enough to take on the Fort will announce their presence to the rest of the world via a new red skull cloud visible to all crews on the horizon. Success bestows a range of high-value rewards from a bountiful supply of Stronghold Kegs, chests and skulls through to a guaranteed Chest of Legends and two Reaper’s Chests in the vault. Be sure to check the ship’s map! The Fort of the Damned will become a permanent addition to the world after the Fort of the Damned update, allowing players to tackle this threat at any time.

You can check out the full list of updates and additions to Sea of Thieves today on the official patch notes. 


Joseph Bradford

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