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By Jon Wood on April 09, 2007 | News | 0

Adele Caelia pens this critical review of Netgame USA's Scions of Fate.

Scions of Fate, the game formerly known as Yulgang: Balance of Power is one of the most played games in Asia. It has won many awards and was recognized as the best MMORPG of the year in Korea. Hoping to reach a broader audience and the same success Netgame recently released a U.S. version.

As I browsed through screenshots while waiting for the game to download I felt the little girl in me squeal with glee. The graphics weren't revolutionary but they were cute and the characters could even be called adorable. The graphics have the cartoony anime look of most Asian games, and there are tons of color options for hair and also some really cute outfits. I was a bit disappointed to see that many of the character creation options are not yet available, but that looks like it will soon change. The only options at this point are the four classes of swordsman, spearman, bowmen, and healer. The graphics are decent enough for a game that is free to play and free to download.

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Jon Wood