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SamuTale Articles

Survival MMO SamuTale is Free to Play Until October 15

SamuTale, the survival sandbox MMO, is going free to play until October 15 as it celebrates its fourth birthday in Early Access.

Get On Those Coveralls! SamuTale Has Been Updated with Livestock Management

SamuTale has received a large new update to bring the Livestock System into the game alongside technical improvements and updates to craftable items. Players will be able to catch, tame, feed and breed chickens. "All you need is a male, a female and a chicken coop which you can build." Sounds easy enough.

SamuTale Free to Play from Now Through September 23rd

If you've been wondering about SamuTale, a one-man indie MMO in Early Access, this week is your golden opportunity to try it out. From today through September 23rd, the entire game world is open and free to play. The F2P week comes on the heels of a big update that brings a ton of bug fixes and feature enhancements to the game for a smoother experience.

New World Increases Land Mass as Bronze Founders Join In

SamuTale has grown ten times its previous size with the release of a new game world. In addition, several key features have been redesigned including trees, growth cycles, ground textures and buildings. Bronze Founders have been invited to come in to check out the most recent game additions and to boost the population.

Now Headed for Buy-to-Play Without  Microtransactions

SamuTale is changing its revenue model from free-to-play with microtransactions to buy-to-play without any sort of cash shop. The feeling is that the game is best suited to this model and that players won't have to worry about little bear costumes that "ruin the visual crafting aspect of the gear".

Latest Update Overhauls the Stat & Durability Systems

The latest SamuTale update has been deployed that brings a large update into the game, most notably with the revamped stats system and durability systems put into place. In addition, Founder's Packs can be purchased for a cool 30% discount through November 6th.

Milestone Achieved - Ready for Closed Alpha Testing

The SamuTale team has announced that the game is finally ready for alpha testing beginning September 14th. Alpha will be open to backers at the silver level and above at the beginning with others added over time.

New Developer Video Spotlights Farming & Building Mechanics

Maple Media has sent word that a brand new developer video has been published to give SamuTales players a look at the brand new farming system and the updated building mechanics system.