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    Unity 3D
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    Maple Media
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    Early Access
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SamuTale Overview

SamuTale is a multiplayer open world sandbox game with village building, player housing, survival, farming & livestock, full-loot PVP, realtime tree and plant growing, crafting and much more!


  • Build a village wherever you want!
    Start or join a samurai clan and leave your mark in a highly persistent open world with almost no boundaries. Your clan can build its own village from the ground up including player housing, village walls, farming and livestock.
  • Hack & Slash style action combat!
    Tired of tab target based combat, spamming skills and rotations? In SamuTale you’ll find neither of these, as we implemented a hack & slash style action combat system were you have to aim your sword or bow to hit your target.
  • Clan vs Clan warfare!
    Your clan must work together to build up a good defense, gather resources to craft armor and weapons, grow food to feed your people, form alliances and rule the lands of Kushiro.
  • Classless character system!
    In SamuTale you can wield weapons and armor without being limited by a class. Pick your favorite gear that fits your playstyle and create your own unique build. You are what you wear!
  • Persistant breathing world!
    We like to see the game world as a big sandbox where players use the world's resources to survive and setup their own settlement. Every interactable tree and plant in SamuTale will have it's own grow cycle. So in other words, you can gather herbs, fruits, cut down trees, but also replant them anywhere you like and watch them grow realtime.