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Saga of Lucimia Articles

Saga of Lucimia Shares Release 13 Sizzle Reel

If you want a short and sweet video of Saga of Lucimia, the dev team has you covered.

Watch Over Two Hours of Saga of Lucimia in Q&A Live Stream

Impromptu Saga of Lucimia Stream Looks at Stage Three Alpha

In case you missed it, Saga of Lucimia had an impromptu stream this weekend looking at Stage Three Alpha.

Saga of Lucimia Showcases Upcoming Alpha In New Video

Last night the team at Stormhaven Studios streamed their upcoming alpha for Saga of Lucimia. If you missed it live, the team has put together an archive version to check out leading up to the April 3rd launch.

Saga of Lucimia Talks Business Models In New YouTube Video

In a new YouTube video posted by the Saga of Lucimia team, the developers behind the upcoming MMORPG break down their thoughts on MMO business models - specifically subscriptions and cash shops as they currently exist.

Saga of Lucimia Set for 'Alpha Cycle' with the Arrival of Update 12 This Spring

When the Saga of Lucimia team updates the current client to Release 12, it will officially enter Stage 2 and the "Alpha Cycle" of development. Those who have pre-ordered the game will be eligible for alpha testing, but the time to pre-purchase a package coming to a close. Pre-orders in all tiers will officially end on March 31st. Those who are eligible for alpha will be required to sign an NDA in order to participate. The virtual document is available in player account management.

Saga of Lucimia on Subscriptions - 'The More Options You Provide a Player, the Better'

The Saga of Lucimia site has been updated with a new Mondays in MMOs that deals with one of the genre's most enduring subjects: To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe. In it, Tim "Renfail" Anderson examines the issue starting with a look at the division of the market with regard to subscriptions vs non-subscription games. From there, the post looks at collected data from a number of sources before coming to the conclusion that players will support a game regardless IF the game is "fun & immersive".

Mondays in MMORPGs - 'Have Players Forgotten How to Play in a Group-Based Game?'

The latest Monday in MMORPGs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site. The lengthy post takes a look at grouping in games overall, and specifically in MMORPGs. It rhetorically wonders if players have "forgotten how to play in group-based game(s)" and "what strategy is" and "how to ask for help" and about proper group balance.

Change is Good, Right? RIGHT? Iterative Process Explored in New Post

In the latest Mondays in MMORPGs on the Saga of Lucimia site, the team takes a look at the iterative process in games. While iteration is needed for the health and longevity of any MMO, players balk at needed and necessary changes and often don't see behind the curtain about why things move along as they do. The post details player perceptions that change means "the design of a game = not the same game that was discussed or [was] 'advertised' by the company".

Mondays in MMORPGS Tackles the Notion of Free Speech & In-Game Toxicity

The latest Mondays in MMORPGs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site and is one that tackles a very relevant topic in gaming today. The main body of the letter centers on what free speech is and how it is commonly misunderstood by many players as regards to the games they play.

No Content Info in Patch Notes Keeps Players More Fully Immersed

The Saga of Lucimia team has published the latest Mondays in MMORPGs titled "No Content Updates in the Patch Notes". By the title, it's apparent that players will not find nuggets of information about playable content, though the usual laundry list of bug fixes and back end improvements will be included. The goal is, according to the post, to keep players more immersed in the Saga of Lucimia game world.

GMs to Play an Active Role - Their 'Presence is Mandatory for Us'

The latest Saga of Lucimia blog has been posted to the official site, this Monday looking into the role of GMs in the game. As usual, the post begins with a retrospective look back at GM-led events and the unique experiences they provided to communities in EverQuest and Vanguard. The Saga of Lucimia team is vested in bringing back this type of GM interaction, a feature that most, if not all, current MMOs have let fall by the wayside.

Guild & Personal Reputations as the 'Most Important Currency' Anyone Can Have

The latest Mondays in MMOs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site, this time with reputation as its subject. Not only does the post delve into each player's personal reputation, but also that of collectives like guilds. Developers are invested in "bringing back to the MMORPG genre with our own title is player and guild reputation" and will work to "ensure that community toxicity is kept to an absolute minimum". Part of that might include a public forum section for the community.

Gated Content in MMOs - With All There is to Do, It's Not a Bad Thing

The latest Mondays in MMOs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site, this time tackling the issue of gated content. Citing the real world example of bike riding, the feeling is that everyone can enjoy riding bicycles, but that there are levels of expertise that only the "most elite" will attain do to their dedication and level of proficiency. This can also be applied to MMOs such as SoL. "Players will need to meet certain standards of entry...to progress any further down the quest line".

Corpse Runs Explored as a Mechanic to Bind Players Together

The latest "Mondays in MMOs" has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site. In this latest post, the notion of "corpse runs" is explored as a mechanic to bring players together. "He who has no friends will quickly go nowhere in the game which leads directly to players naturally making more friends than they do in a single player game masquerading as an MMORPG, such as SWTOR or ESO".