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Saga of Lucimia Articles

Guild & Personal Reputations as the 'Most Important Currency' Anyone Can Have

The latest Mondays in MMOs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site, this time with reputation as its subject. Not only does the post delve into each player's personal reputation, but also that of collectives like guilds. Developers are invested in "bringing back to the MMORPG genre with our own title is player and guild reputation" and will work to "ensure that community toxicity is kept to an absolute minimum". Part of that might include a public forum section for the community.

Gated Content in MMOs - With All There is to Do, It's Not a Bad Thing

The latest Mondays in MMOs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site, this time tackling the issue of gated content. Citing the real world example of bike riding, the feeling is that everyone can enjoy riding bicycles, but that there are levels of expertise that only the "most elite" will attain do to their dedication and level of proficiency. This can also be applied to MMOs such as SoL. "Players will need to meet certain standards of entry...to progress any further down the quest line".

Corpse Runs Explored as a Mechanic to Bind Players Together

The latest "Mondays in MMOs" has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site. In this latest post, the notion of "corpse runs" is explored as a mechanic to bring players together. "He who has no friends will quickly go nowhere in the game which leads directly to players naturally making more friends than they do in a single player game masquerading as an MMORPG, such as SWTOR or ESO".

Play Nice Policies Help Reduce Player Toxicity

The latest Mondays in MMORPGs has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site. Today's covers a hot topic in gaming today: Toxicity in gaming. One of the ways many MMOs have dealt with the issue is through "play nice" policies that are generally thought to be common sense. SoL will be enforcing play nice at launch with a zero tolerance policy for toxic players.

Game to Utilize 'Roleplay Preferred' Naming Convention

The latest "Mondays in MMORPGs" has been published on the Saga of Lucimia site, a series dedicated to examining industry norms and how SoL will handle them. In this latest article, the notion of naming conventions in MMOs is examined. In Saga of Lucimia, players will be asked to adhere to "roleplay preferred" names.

Building a Social, Community-Based MMO - The Pros & Cons of Group Finders

The latest Saga of Lucimia "Mondays in MMORPGs" article has been posted on the game's official site. In this week's edition, the team takes a look at the always-hot issue of group finders in MMOs. The article examines the pros and cons of group finders, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that Saga of Lucimia is "a social, community-based MMORPG".

Staff to Increase Thanks to a Successful Round of Independent Funding

Thanks to the successful acquisition of a round of independent funding, the Saga of Lucimia team will be growing in 2018. The core staff will continue to work unpaid "against the promise of future paychecks" once the game launches. However, there are certain things that require expert assistance through independent contractors. It is here that the money will be spent.

New Blog - 'Microtransactions & Why We Don't Have Them'

The latest edition of Mondays in MMORPGs is out, this time with the hot topic of microtransactions taking front and center. Called "Microtransactions & Why We Don't Have Them", the team details recent missteps with EA and Star Wars Battlefront II, as well as more successful microtransaction efforts in games like Elder Scrolls Online. However, Saga of Lucimia will not have them, the post reveals.

New Series to Explores 'Milk Runs', Those Annoying Tasks to Keep You Busy

The Saga of Lucimia site has been updated with a new series of posts called "Mondays in MMORPGs". The first post is called The Milk Run and seeks to explore quests that aren't provided to push the narrative, but are rather there to keep players "busy". The team explored literature and discovered that writers almost never write about the mundane, repetitive aspects of life when creating an epic story.

How Important is Crafting to You?

Stormhaven Studios wants to know how important crafting is as you look forward to Saga of Lucimia. While the basics of the system are in place, devs are looking for input from its community.

Alpha Preview Video from Early Access Event

The Saga of Lucimia Facebook page has been updated with a new video featuring a look at alpha game play action. It is, according to the team, the first of a pair of videos that will be showing off the latest look for the forthcoming game.

Latest Update Announces Next Test

The latest Saga of Lucimia newsletter has arrived with the announcement that the next Early Access test weekend will take place somewhere in mid-April. The team will set a firm date in the next couple of weeks.

Giving Thanks for the Next Early Access Weekend

Those who have the ability to join Saga of Lucimia for Early Access will be pleased to hear that the next event is scheduled to run from November 24th through November 27th, otherwise known as Thanksgiving weekend in the United States.

Sing It With Me - Stormy Weather... - Latest Video Arrives

The Saga of Lucimia team is quite proud of its weather effects, enough so that this past Saturday a late afternoon / early evening storm was caught on video. Check it out below!

Early Access #4 Video Released

The Saga of Lucimia team has released another in a series of videos to show the game's environments and locations within the game and how all is progressing throughout the Early Access period. If you want to see what the game looks like these days and catch some pretty awesome environments, check it out below. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!