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Ryzom Articles

Ryzom Receives New Daily Missions for 2020

Ryzom is getting a new feature - Daily Missions.

Ryzom Team Releases 'Jena Year 2602' Update & Looks to the Future

Ryzom is a long-running MMO that is still in active development. In fact, developers just released the "Jena Year 2602" update that includes Guild Islands, a new world boss, an update to the Ranger class and the arrival of the Marauders in the shop. In addition, developers have made improvements to the UI and squashed a number of bugs.

Headed to Steam Beginning May 6th

Thanks to MMORPG.com user Nuzan we have learned that Ryzom is headed to Steam beginning May 6th. The game will be landing with improved visual effects, technical enhancements, better security and other quality of life improvements.

Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This weekend, the development team of sci-fantasy MMO Ryzom raises a collective glass to the game's ten year anniversary. They released a statement to that effect: "Ryzom is 10 years old! We wish before everything else to pay homage to all those who have created this universe and this game, who have imagined and developed them, and helped them to grow."

Recruit & Win

The Ryzom team is giving current players an opportunity to win limited edition game art, video cards and more. Players actively work to recruit new players into the game and those scoring the most n00bs between November 2-30th will win.

Checking Out the Grand Old Dame

RipperX checks out one of the Grand Old Dames of the MMORPG genre. Ryzom is a science fiction MMORPG that gives characters the ability to specialize in any and all skill types. The game has a ton of features including PvP, crafting, an open game world and more. Treat yourself to a great introduction to the game in Ryzom: Checking Out the Grand Old Dame.

Worth a Second Look

Ryzom has been around since before the days of World of Warcraft and is, according to MMORPG.com's Ian Stolz, a game that might be worth a second look. This is particularly true for those pining for something that isn't "just another WoW clone". Check out why Ian thinks you should care about Ryzom and then let us know of your experiences in the comments.

Headed to Mac App Store

The Ryzom development team has announced that the game has been released to the Mac App Store and is considered the first 'true' MMO available. This news follows the recent release of the Ryzom game client to Linux users.

Going Freemium

Thanks to MMORPG.com user Cecropia, we have been alerted to the fact that Ryzom will be going 'freemium' as of March 9th. Players will have unlimited access to the game but will have a maximum level of 125 in all different skills. Devs are also adding a new boss and a new roleplay experience for continuing players.

Native Linux Client Released

Linux fans will be happy to hear that Winchgate Properties has released a native GNU/Linux game client for Ryzom. To celebrate the new client, devs are hosting an in-game contest with a ZaReason Terra-HD Netbook as the grand prize.

New Patch Overhauls PvP

The Ryzom team has let us know that the latest patch, v1.10, brings online a fully overhauled PvP system. Additional features added are: Friends can visit your apartment; web-app "RyzHome" is now available; players can create their own chat channels and a lot more.

Season One Mektoub Races

The Ryzom team has announced the season one mektoub races. Season one will last from now through October with a new race session will be added each week in the four countries of Atys. Prizes will be awarded to lucky winners. NPCs can be found near each starting point. They will talk about the features of each race and rewards to be earned.

Patch 1.9.0 Adds New Boss, Occupations

Ryzom's patch 1.9.0 is now live! This latest update introduces eight new occupations to the game as well as a new marauder boss "Dante the Teaser".

Goes Open Source

Winch Gate, the developer and publisher of Ryzom, today announced that their science-fantasy MMO Ryzom is now open source. To that end, Winch Gate has launched the Ryzom Core Development project, which makes available the game's source code including the client, server, and tools as part of the Ryzom Core toolkit.

Ryzom Re-Review

MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle writes this week's review of Ryzom, a game launched in 2004, and plagued by numerous issues that still has some kick left in it, even after six years.