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MMORPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 03/29/04)  | Pub:Jagex Ltd
PVP:Yes | Distribution:Browser | Retail Price:Free | Pay Type:Free | Monthly Fee:$07.95
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Runescape Rating

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Member Comments

erasure33 writes: Extremely tedious, dated old-school RPG. Most all content is gated by stat progression and you seemingly need to progress every single skill int he game to need x Agility to enter here, you need x Herbalore to start this. Combat is very sluggish, confusing, and unimpressive. Very in-depth storylines, but endless conversation-clicking to get through them. Great sites with quest solutions available to help. This game is better for those who prefer to think through puzzles rather than mindless monster killing, but just way too tedious for me. There seems to be tons to do, but so much legacy content that determining progress requires reading the wiki site to figure out what to do. Yes, I prefer some hand-holding. Thu Jun 15 2017 8:09AM
Trippy_Logic writes: RuneScape is a very special game compared to every other online RPG, it has actual story, content and gameplay, not just mindless killing. Prince has been kidnapped in RuneScape you use your mind to figure out how to save him - in any other mmo you would just need to slaughter x amount of guards. RuneScape really goves above and beyond anything you have ever seen in a mmo regarding quests. They released a new client to move away from java and browsers and it makes the game look amazing, however they're sticking with a broken sound system which is absolutely horrible. The community has its fair share of trolls like every other game, but the game appeals to many different types of gamers and you're certain to find like-minded players to form a community with. Sun Jul 24 2016 7:47AM
Helleri writes: - Graphics - Really good for what it is (browser based, low poly,hand painted textures). And while nothing great in comparison to many other MMORPG. They have been making sweeping changes and updates to this. And, over all the fidelity is going up by a lot. -Sound- They have been working on this hard. They now have High-fidelity audio and music, featuring full orchestral pieces written by BAFTA Award winner James Hannigan and played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra. An Immense amount of very well done voice acting through out common areas, new quests, and old quest revamps. As well as real world samplings for Ambient sounds, sound effects, and the like. -Role Playing- There is a role playing and fan fiction community. And, the ability to align ones self in a sense. This aspect is definitely present and supported. But, it is not very strong. - Value - You would be hard pressed to find a game that gives you more content for less money. Especially with the introduction of bonds. Where it is now possible to earn all your membership with in-game efforts. - Fun - This game can get very grindy. While one's first couple weeks may be a non-stop fun fest. There is a point where ti slows to a crawl. And, fun becomes 'where you choose to find it'. There is a tipping point where one is after accolades and achievement or recognition over fun. - Community - The introduction of player driven development, Clans (with citadels -members- and clan chats -all players-), friends chats, item lending improvements, game altering world events, and more places where people can play together with mutual benefits...The community in the last few years has greatly improved. That said the game is still (oddly) solo play centric. There is no over world party system. And, most of the time there is no benefit to playing with/along-side others. When people work together. It's easy to get the sense that they are doing so out of necessity (like with high level bossing or dungeoneering). And, not out of a want to be social. Traditionally runescape has not been an easy game (though many would argue that it has gotten a lot easier in recent years). And, it has breed a hardcore attitude in many players. This is just beginning to change. - Performance/Lag - Being so prolifically updated and having to work well across multiple browsers and a client...The game has never been well optimized. While in general performance is passable. One gets the sense that it could be a lot better. Some people never have an issue. Some never stop having them. You really should have a lot better system specs then you would assume are necessary. something like: 4GB DDR2 RAM or better, Dual core 2.1=GHz CPU or better, a relatively new graphics card, Hard line broadband internet connection. But if your on a machine purchased within the last 5 years. And, you are not on a wireless connection. You should be fine. - Customer Service - This is a funny thing. The customer service is actually very good. But, it gets one of the worst reputations. They are not very personable with when and where they choose to respond to people (other then with simply acting on them). The dev teams are very much about economy of motion. Every minute they spend talking about what is getting done. Is a minute that it isn't actually getting done. And, they do get things done. Recently, they have been making a hard effort to make themselves more accessible to players. Unfortunately the only people one hears talking about customer service are the ones screaming about having action taken against their account for breaking the rules. Fri May 09 2014 7:44AM
Revofire writes: The game needs the old school mechanics with the new graphics (non WoW style). Tue May 14 2013 4:07PM
whitesun11 writes: It's very outdated, slow graphics, and too oldschool/hardcore. Definetely not fun. Wed Apr 24 2013 6:07AM
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Avg. User Rating: 6.5
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