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During RuneFest, Winter Details for RuneScape Plans Revealed

By Catherine Daro on October 07, 2018 | News | 0

Over the weekend during RuneFest, the RuneScape team revealed its plan for the winter, including both the main game and Old School RuneScape. Players have a lot to look forward to such as a month-long Halloween event called 'Til Death Do Us Part' and a special detective quest murder mystery that provide players with "glimpses of history". Lastly Elite Dungeon #3 "The Shadow Reef" will be coming out in February 2019 that includes narrative content with players facing off against The Ambassador.

Old School RuneScape will be receiving new content if 75% of the playerbase votes to see it included. Polls for potential new content will open next week. Players will decide if the Kebow Lowlands will be added with its new town, race and slayer content. They will also choose whether or not to add the Warding skill and Prifddinas & Song of the Elves.

You can check all of the details on the RuneScape site.


Catherine Daro