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Beat RuneScape's Latest Boss in a New Way in The Croesus Front

The Croesus Front is now live in RuneScape, bringing the game's first ever skilling boss fight. No attacks needed here, just skills. Find out just how this all works.

Old School RuneScape Team Shares Details Behind Deadman Reborn Finals Network Issues

Following network interruptions during the Deadman Reborn Finals over the weekend, the Old School RuneScape team have shared details on what they've learned so far.

RuneLive Update Released after Deal with RuneScape Team

Today, 117Scape's RuneLive update release was confirmed by The Old School RuneScape team as part of a new arrangement between the team and modders to use RuneLive as a bridge to its own client.

Jagex Orders RuneLite Shut Down, But Now in Discussion To Work With Developers

RuneLite developer 117 posted about having received a notice from Jagex to shut it down and stop development. The reasoning for the request was given in the letter as Jagex is developing an in-house HD visual upgrade. Still, there's some discussion on a future role.

RuneScape The Nodon Front Hits The Elder God Wars Storyline Today

RuneScape's ongoing Elder God Wars story arc will be getting a new addition today as The Nodon Front chapter comes to the long-standing MMORPG. The new chapter will players ultimately take on Kerapac, the general of RuneScape's Nodon Dragonkin, as well as reap rewards such as the first ever Tier 95 weapon, the Staff of Armadyl.

The Beach Returns in RuneScape Through August 8

The beach has returned to RuneScape in this week's latest update brining with it a slew of activities in which to partake.

RuneScape Update Targets Legendary Pet Overrides, Grimoire Pages, More

The latest RuneScape update here is, brining with Legendary Pet overrides, Grimoire pages, and more.

RuneScape Mobile Downloads Encounter Problems Ahead of Launch

RuneScape is set to launch on mobile today, but things haven't been going so smoothly with downloads. You may have noticed if you were trying to download the game on either iOS or Android yesterday. Here are the details to catch you up.

Old School RuneScape Adds Much Anticipated Clan Support Today

Old School RuneScape now supports clans officially, and as a result there was much rejoicing. A feature long wanted by the community, the official support rolls out from Jagex today as part of the Clans update, which gives support for new and existing clans alike.

Old School RuneScape's A Kingdom Divided Arrives in June

A Kingdom Divided is heading to Old School RuneScape next month in June bringing with it the next chapter in the Kourend storyline.

RuneScape Developer Gives Update On Account Recovery Efforts

It's been a few months for Jagex, the developer of RuneScape. They've announced that the venerable MMORPG is coming to iOS and Android this summer, though the team has been dealing with this account recovery issue since March. Today the team provided another update on that front for those who are still affected.

RuneScape's Upcoming Patch Looks To Make Divination More Interesting

Not often do we think of an MMO making a skill more friendly to being useable while you're not actively playing, yet it happens more often than we conciously think. RuneScape has announced it's reworking one of its least-trained skills, Divination, to make it both more interesting as well as more AFK-Friendly.

Old School RuneScape Outlines Two New Theatre of Blood Modes

The staying power of Old School RuneScape continues with the team recently outlining two new modes coming to the Theatre of Blood. These two modes are the Story Mode and Hard Mode for players from both spectrums (theoretically) satisfied.

RuneScape Begins Combat Week

RuneScape's Awesome April of Events continues with Combat Week. The event runs through April 26 and includes several combat buffs and boosts.

RuneScape's Login Lockout 5 Weeks Later - With Most Accounts Restored, Jagex Talks Prevention and Compensation

If you aren't familiar with the Login Lockout problem that has been a thorn in the side of RuneScape for over a month, here's your chance to get all caught up. The initial restoration of accounts in RuneScape is coming to a close, but there is more work to do. With this issue finally heading to a close, the developers look back briefly on where the problem began, and what Jagex plans to do to prevent it in the future.