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The Official RuneScape Cookbook is Now Available For Purchase

For those ready to whip up some delicious and iconic creations in the kitchen like some blend of an MMORPG Gordon Ramsay, the RuneScape Cookbook is now up for grabs. 

First Old School RuneScape Varlamore Part 2 Details, Include New Group PvM Challenge, Herblore Activity

Old School RuneScape will be getting more Varlamore, including new Herblore training method, a new group boss challenge, and the team is polling on several key proposals.

RuneScape Will Focus More on Community Feedback, and Offers Some Roadmap Updates

The RuneScape team is looking ahead, going "back to basics" and refocusing development on transparency and community feedback more integral, sharing a short-term roadmap update in the process.

RuneScape Takes A Look At The Week Ahead As Well As Its Upcoming Cookbook

While taking a look at the week ahead in RuneScape, developer Jagex also took a moment in a recent post on their site to chow down on some delicious recipes for the MMO's upcoming cookbook.

A New Area to Explore, New Story, Quests, Dungeon, and More as Old School RuneScape Varlamore, Part One Opens

 Old School RuneScape has released its Varlamore Part One Update, welcoming a big area expansion, new skilling activities, quests, enemies, and more to discover.

RuneScape Launches Expanded New Easter Event, With More to Do, Rewards, and Solo and Community Events

RuneScape has a newly expanded Easter event, with more to do, new and returning rewards, and both rewarding solo and community events.

RuneScape Combat Overhaul is Here, Looks to Modernize Combat and Make it More Dynamic

After months of testing, the RuneScape combat overhaul is here. Hit chance is replaced by damage scaling, crit chance gets reworked, and much more to modernize combat and draw from work on Necromancy for the other classes.

RuneScape's Tabletop Games Era is Here, As Tabletop Roleplaying Game and Shadow of Elvarg Board Game Launch

RuneScape's venture into the tabletop gaming era is here, as RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, the new board game, and RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game, have both launched.

'People rightly expect it to still be recognizable' Old School RuneScape Dev on Defender of Varrock

A new interview sheds some light on the return of Defender of Varrock in Old School RuneScape, the process of bringing back and expanding on classic content, and what the Jagex team has changed in the process.

RuneScape Expands Necromancy With New Quest, Protection Glyph Tweak, and New Gem Moonstones

RuneScape is set to expand on Necromancy, and the City of Um, next week, with the new Housing of Parliament update. Expect a new quest, the arrival of Moonstone Jewelry for crafting, adjustments to glyphs and more.

RuneScape Dev Jagex Reportedly Sold For $1.1 Billion to European-US-Led Companies

After reports speculated that a deal might be close for the sale of RuneScape developer Jagex from UK's Carlyle private equity group to CVC Capital, the deal is now official.

CVC Capital Partners Reportedly in Talks to Acquire RuneScape Develoepr Jagex

According to a report by the folks at Sky News, CVC Capital Partners are in exclusive talks to acquire Jagex, the developer of the venerable fantasy MMO, RuneScape, from the Carlyle buyout firm.

RuneScape Combat Update Coming in March, More WildyWyrm, and a Bigger, Better Easter Announced

The RuneScape team is sharing an update about their plans for the next two months, including the big combat update, along with a new update out today. 

RuneScape's Combat Beta Enters New Phase, With Call For Variety of Testers to Help Jagex Finalize Update

RuneScape's combat beta continues with a new phase, as Jagex also offers players a 2023 stats recap, more Treasure Hunter, and more.

Old School RuneScape Expanding Varlamore, Bringing Back When Guthix Sleeps, and More in 2024 Roadmap

 Old School RuneScape's 2024 roadmap is here, following the recent Winter Summit. The team has a lot on the way, with Varlamore opening up in March, a revamped Defender of Varrock and While Guthix Sleeps,  updates on sailing, Wilderness, and more