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Runescape Articles

RuneScape Fresh Start Worlds Tour

The Fresh Start Worlds offer an enticing entry-point for new players to get into the game, or for veterans to just start over fresh

The Minds Behind the Elder God Wars: An Interview with RuneScape's Tim Fletcher and Matt Casey

This month Emily had the opportunity of sitting down with Tim Fletcher and Matt Casey from Jagex to talk a little bit about the Elder God Wars, a story that has been taking shape over the past 12 months for RuneScape adventurers. Check out this 'reality shattering' interview!

RuneScape's Latest Milestone: Going Mobile

For old gamers like Matt, RuneScape, from developer Jagex, has been with us since the beginning days of the MMO genre. A staple in the MMO space for over 20 years, RuneSpace has always worked to find new ways to reach out to the ever-growing MMO community. The team's latest work towards that goal is the release of RuneScape to mobile devices. We sat down with two of the lead devs to talk about the mobile version.

RuneScape Patch Improves Ninja Strike

The latest patch for RuneScape looks to improve Ninja Strike and brings several quality of life improvements to boot.

Recent RuneScape Patch Brings Improvements to Player Owned Farms

The recent RuneScape patch provides updates to player owned farms, along with a few fixes.

RuneScape - Interview With Lead Developer David Osborne

Recently we had the chance to sit down and talk to RuneScape's lead developer, David Osborne, about the challenges, as well as the bright spots of building an MMO for 20 years.

RuneScape Archaeology Update Interview with the Developers

March 30th marked one of the largest RuneScape updates in recent years with the addition of its newest skill: Archaeology. We had a chance to talk to Jagex to discuss the new skill and how it fits into RuneScape at large.

RuneFest 2019: Catching Up With Golden Gnome Winner Dagna

RuneFest is for the fans. It’s a chance for dedicated players and enthusiastic content creators to unite under one roof. It’s an opportunity to meet the developers that make the game, learn what’s in the pipe, and influence future development. And it’s a huge celebration of this giant community that has stood for decades.

RuneFest 2019 - Colgrave Talks Old-School

Developing Old School Runescape sounds like a challenge of gargantuan proportions. It feels like there’s a conscious effort to preserve the legacy of an MMO straight out of 2007, but also to delight players with new content and ways to play.

RuneScape Going Mobile - Interview With Jason Milena

RuneScape is going mobile! If you’ve not logged in for some time then you might be surprised to learn that the massive MMORPG from Jagex is following its older sibling onto Android and iOS devices. We got time to sit down and talk to one of the driving forces behind the mobile move, Jason Milena.

RuneFest 2019: An Interview With Game Director David Osborne

Runescape, the MMORPG from Jagex, has announced a whole treasure trove of news during their yearly escapades at Runefest. We were able to chat with Game Director David Osborne about the game, as well as what's to come.

Runescape: Talking Old School Mobile

With launch just a few weeks away, we talk with producer John Colgrave about the work involved in getting to this point

Runefest 2018 - The Music of Runescape

music from virtual worlds can be an epic affair, following players on their journey through these vast worlds. Huge sweeping scores and haunting orchestral arrangements are now common. You only have to take a quick look on Spotify to find it brimming with albums from the latest AAA releases. Runescape recently joined these and released collection of music that picks from 17 years of this mythical world. At this year's Runefest, we were privy to a very special presentation of this.

Jagex Partners: A New Model for Living Games

We interview Simon Bull on setting up the new arm of Jagex, finding those elusive ‘living games’, and defining a new way of engaging with partners.

DarkScape - An Opportunity to Create a Game that Embraces PvP

With the launch of DarkScape, a hardcore PvP version of RuneScape, Jagex has given players free rein to take part in no-holds barred player vs player action in a shadowy world reminiscent of the gentler version. We spoke with Jagex's Conor Crowley to find out more.