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Celebrating 15 years with New Announcements

Jagex marks 15 years of Runescape with a flurry of announcements: Chronicle heads to open beta in March, Runescape: Idle Adventures is revealed, and much more besides. We sent columnist Gareth Harmer along to the birthday celebrations to find out more.

The Bot-Busters

"Who ya gonna call? BOT Busters!" is the new mantra of the RuneScape team as they tirelessly work to take out scammers, bots, exploiters and other nefarious folk from their game. In his latest article about RuneScape, MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle reports on what the team revealed about its bot-busting plans during RuneFest. Check it out!

Live Dungeoneering at RuneFest

There are times in the world when reading IS believing. Today is that day with Adam Tingle's report out of the recently held RuneFest celebration. One of the highlights of the annual fan festival is the "Live Dungeoneering" events that simply defies any description except Adam's. Keep reading for the best entertainment you'll have all day!

Ten Years of Design, Growth & Refinement

RuneScape has been celebrating its tenth anniversary for a good while now and for good reason, according to the latest column by MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle. Adam has a terrific look back at where RuneScape started, where it's been and where it's headed in the future. Check it out and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

RuneFest Round-Up

During the recently held RuneFest, MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle was on hand to report on the events surrounding the annual RuneScape player festival and the game's tenth anniversary. Adam's got the full scoop on RuneFest. Read on to find out more and then leave us a comment or two.

Floating Castles and Battleground Editors

During a recent visit to Jagex Studios in England, MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle got the low down on the latest and most ambitious update to Runescape to date. In the update, floating castles and a battleground editor were introduced to the game. Adam spent some time talking with the team about the new features and we've got your exclusive report. Read on!

Return to Canifis Book Review

Runescape fans will enjoy reading novels based on their favorite game world. In the review of the second Runescape novel, "Return to Canifis", MMORPG.com's Bobby Travis takes a look at T.S. Church's latest work. See if it's worth the read in Bobby's review of "Return to Canifis".

The Wilderness and Free Trade Return

MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle recently had the opportunity to visit Runescape developer, Jagex Studios. Adam is a long-time Runescape player and was pleased to make the visit to talk with devs about the recent return of the Wilderness and Free Trade after fans voted them back in. Check out what Adam discovered on his road trip to Jagex Studios. Leave us a comment or two below when you're finished.

Betrayal at Falador Book Review

Books based on popular MMOs are nothing new but seem to be a growing trend lately. With the rich lore and terrific stories in-game, it's no surprise that players and fans want to see books that flesh out the stories even more. In a new review of an older, re-released book for MMORPG.com, Bobby Travis takes a look at 2008's "Betrayal at Falador" by T.S. Church. The book is based on the RuneScape universe. Check out Bobby's review and then leave us a comment or two below.

Avoiding the Scammers

MMORPG.com Runescape Correspondent Fasail Baig has written this informative piece letting the game's players know how to avoid being the victim of a scam in-game.

Avoiding and Resolving Account Issues

MMORPG.com Correspondent Faisal Baig writes this article on avoiding and dealign with account disputes in Jagex's MMORPG, Runescape

Correspondent - Woodcutter's Guide

MMORPG.com Correspondent Mike Balent writes this guide for woodcutters in the popular game, Runescape.

Update from E3

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh was at the recent E3. While there, she spoke with Henrique Olifiers, Head of Games Content at Jagex. Jagex is the company behind the quiet hit MMORPG, Runescape.