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When Was the Last Time You Celebrated an Achievement? | One Good Roll

Grats! You leveled up! Do you remember when you would log into the game and grind out that level, and as soon as your XP bar would *ding* you would get a wave of support from the community of fellow gamers around you? What happened to celebrating your achievements and the achievements of others?

How Important Is Crafting To You In An MMO?

When RuneScape first sunk its teeth into Bradford, crafting was a major reason why. Creating new armors for his friends, creating magic runes and more kept him hooked in the world. Fast forward almost two decades later, though, and crafting barely registers on his radar. It makes him wonder how important crafting is to the average MMO fan.

The MMOSide Chat - Do You Still Play Browser-Based MMOs?

Bradford takes a brief look at Browser-based MMORPGs, as well as his own history starting in the genre with one - RuneScape.


Rob’s back this week to wrap up on his trip to London last month. This week he talks about the RuneScape spinoffs that were on display.

The Way Forward for Jagex's Flagship

While at RuneFest last month Jagex put forth their strategy for next year. A host of new expansions are coming to the game in and Rob reports with it all entails.