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Runes of Magic Articles

Runes of Magic Announces 4 Summer Events Throughout August

August for Runes of Magic will be awash with summer events, with a new event almost every week starting today.

Runes of Magic Content Update and Catch-Up Servers Detailed

Runes of Magic has received a content update in addition to catch-up servers. Here are the details.

Runes of Magic Heroes of Taborea Update Previews New Zone, Chassizz

Runes of Magic has teased its upcoming update, dubbed Heroes of Taborea, and has released a slew of new screenshots of its new zone, Chassizz.

Runes of Magic Invites Players to Its 10th Birthday Party

From now through March 31st, Runes of Magic players can swing into the game to take part in a number of celebratory events in honor of its 10th birthday. This includes login events through March 19th and an exchange event beginning March 22nd. Players returning to the game will be able to check out all of the game improvements and new content, most notably in the form of the recently added Chapter V: Fires of the Shadowforge that includes the Shadowforge Dwarf race.

Gameforge Bringing Runes of Magic to Steam in 'July 2018'

Gameforge has unveiled its plan to bring Runes of Magic to Steam in "July 2018". With July winding down, we're fairly certain we'll get a more precise release date this week, but it's worth keeping an eye on the RoM Steam page to be ready to roll when it launches.

Snowflake Festival and New Year's Celebrations Descend on Taborea

Runes of Magic players can head into the game from today through January 2nd to take part in the game's annual Snowflake Festival as well as check out forthcoming New Year's content. Even monsters are in the holiday spirit and will drop gifts for adventurers who manage to "liberate" them from their cold dead hands.

Latest Update Adds Pumpkin Festival

Runes of Magic has been updated with the latest patch that brings a number of bug fixes on board as well as the annual Pumpkin Festival. Players can take part in a number of Trick-or-Treat events, a monster parade, Kaz Madness, the Pumpkinhead Challenge, become a Pumpkin Prankster and many other in game Halloween events.

Fourth Anniversary Events Detailed, Trailer Released

Runes of Magic is turning four this year. The team has released a new trailer to celebrate the momentous occasion and has announced a slate of in-game events to take place during "Anniversary Week" from March 19-26.

Chrysalia Region Coming Next Week

Runes of Magic players will have an entirely new region to explore next week with the arrival of Chrysalia. The region is the home of dragons but is plagued by a sentient race of ant-like creatures. To celebrate Chrysalia's announcement, the RoM team has released a flythrough video.

Revamped Website Launched

The Runes of Magic site has been overhauled and relaunched to give players easier access to information, guides and other features that are useful to move through Taborea.

First Impressions Video with Ripper X

Our series of first impressions videos with Ripper X continues today with a look at Frogster's free-to-play fantasy MMO, Runes of Magic.

Fires of Shadowforge Launches Today

Frogster has announced that the latest Runes of Magic expansion, Fires of Shadowforge, has officially launched as of today. The expansion comes packed with a level cap increase, two new zones, new dungeons and a new playable race.

Shadowforge Dwarves' Homeland Detailed

The Runes of Magic team has finally revealed more about the Shadowforge Dwarves, a race that will arrive with the forthcoming Fires of Shadowforge content expansion. The information centers around the homeland of the Shadowforge Dwarves, Kingdom of Taffrock.

Champion & Warlock Revealed

The Frogster dev team is revving up to the forthcoming Runes of Magic update, Fires of the Shadowforge and has blown the cover off of the two new classes that will ship with the update: The Champion and the Warlock.

Browser Version Officially Launched

Frogster and Kalydo have announced that the browser-based version of Runes of Magic is now in official release. The browser version of RoM is the same version that desktop players enjoy but can be played on any browser, any time, anywhere.