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Runes of Magic Articles

Design Doc: Northern Janost Forest

In MMORPG.com's exclusive Runes of Magic design document, developers take a look at the Northern Janost Forest, one of the ancient forests of Taborea. The Northern Janost Forest is home to beast men whose blood color gives the forest its alternate name, The Black Blood Forest.

The Kalo

The team from Runes of Magic has provided us with this short developer journal discussing the Kalo, a race of people not entirely dissimilar to walking, talking rhinos.

Dragonfang Ridge

The folks at Runes of Magic have published another of their design documents for the various regions of Taboria, this time focusing on Dragonfang Ridge.

A Look at the Sascilia-Steppes

Continuing their series on the various regions that make up Taborea, the folks at Runes of Magic have have prepared a look at the Sascilia-Steppes.

The Dustdevil Canyon

The folks at Runes of Magic have written up an overview of the Dustdevil Canyon, a sun scorched region on the world of Taborea.

Item System in Runes of Magic

The folks from Runes of magic have provided us with this great new Dev Journal on the Item System in the upcoming Free2Play MMORPG.

Combat System Dev Journal

The folks from Runes of Magic have provided us with this new developer journal covering the combat system in the upcoming Free 2 Play MMORPG.

Zone Overview - The “Ystra-Highland” (Region 4)

The folks from Runes of Magic have provided us with this great overview of The Ystra-Highland, giving us a look at a number of different locations.

Exclusive Dual Class System Journal

The folks behind Runes of Magic have released ythis new developer journal outlining the game's dual class feature.