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Runes of Magic Articles

Free Winter Holiday Gift Keys!

To celebrate the chilly winter holiday season, the Runes of Magic team is giving away free gift codes (one code per game account). Each code can be redeemed for one Special Online Package, which contains goodies that will help Runes of Magic players level up their experience and talent points faster. There is also a bonus Golden Marmoset pet to keep you company. The package also contains items such as a 7 day Flying Rune Disk mount and potions.

Stop the Green Menace

Runes of Magic devs have announced a new event called "Stop the Green Menace" where players hunt for and face off against a wandering boss. The perk is that players who successfully challenge the Green Menace to a duel will have the opportunity to be included in a drawing for a share of 6,000 Euros. Six players will be randomly selected from among the winners, each taking home 1,000 Euros.

Limo Desert Trailer

Frogster & Runes of Magic devs have released a new trailer featuring the Limo Desert set to go live with the next major game update. Check it out!

New Instance Brings Big Challenges

When the next Runes of Magic updates goes live, a new instance will arrive that is sure to bring big challenges to players. Called Kawak's Tomb, the instance is filled with puzzles, booby traps and five guardians. There is also a small scarab that will come to mean more than meets the eye at first glance.

Exclusive Limo Desert Screens

Frogster and the Runes of Magic development team have partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers five exclusive screenshots of the just-announced Limo Desert. Limo Desert has a distinctly Egyptian feel to it and the new zone will go live when the next update is deployed. Check out these five gorgeous screens in our Runes of Magic: Limo Desert feature.

Limo Desert Zone Coming Soon

Runes of Magic devs have announced that the next content patch, v3.0.6, will introduced a new desert zone. Called the "Limo Desert", it will contain nine sub-regions, one instance, seven oasis settlements which act as supply stations for players.

Halloween in Taborea

Runes of Magic players will have a lot of Halloween activities in which to participate this weekend. There will be trick or treating and the Pumpkin King will be challenging players to a quiz that requires emotes to win.

Slim Client Released

Frogster has announced that a new 'slim client' has been released. The new slim client weighs in at about 3.5Gb in size, approximately half the size of the full client.

Free Perfect Experience Package!

To celebrate Runes of Magic's release of new content, the Runes of Magic team is giving away free gift codes (one code per account). Each code can be redeemed for one Perfect Experience Package, which will enable Runes of Magic players to level up faster to face new monsters and take on new quests. Players will be able to fight against the newest world boss Amboriar!

Southern Janost Forest to Open Up

In the next Runes of Magic content update, developers will be opening up a remote area in the Southern Janost Forest. New monsters will be introduced into the game including a new world boss. Called 'Amboriar', this boss is a mechanized warrior created centuries ago to battle demonic hordes. However, when reimbued with life by Baron Reuen von Jura, Amboriar turns against the forces of good.

Mysteries of the Temple Revealed

The latest Runes of Magic update has gone live. Called "The Mystery of the Temple", the update opens a new dungeon/instance and a new in-game event called The Juice Festival. The Raksha Temple allows groups of six to complete the instance on one of three difficulty levels, the firs time this has entered Runes of Magic. Also, new guild activities have been added.

Scaled Dungeon Coming in Next Update

Runes of Magic players will have a new dungeon to play in when the next update goes live. Called "The Raksha Temple", the dungeon will also allow players to choose a difficulty level when entering. The goal is to calm the awakened gods....and get stuff. Developers have stated that the harder the level, the better the rewards.

New Zone & Level Cap

The latest Runes of Magic update features a brand new zone to play in as well as a new level 60 cap. Called "In the Depths of the Forest", the new v3.0.3 content is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, August 11th.

Frogster Snapped Up By Gameforge

German powerhouse publisher Gameforge has purchased a 60% stock majority in Frogster Interactive Pictures, the folks behind Runes of Magic. According to GamesIndustry.biz, Frogster will maintain 15% of stocks, with 25% being floated to the open market.

Fashion Show at GamesCon

Frogster International has announced that it will be hosting a Runes of Magic fashion show during this year's GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. The fashion show will feature clothing designer, Textilzelle, and its interpretation of seven different character classes from the game. Oh and there will be a Playboy model on hand too.