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Runes of Magic Articles

Latest Patch Brings New Content & Features

The latest Runes of Magic patch notes (v4.0.2) have been posted on the official site. The patch brings new content, several in-game events and features to the game.

Killing for Gold

European Runes of Magic players will want to get into game and start killing monsters. The deceased beasts have the chance of dropping a gold bar that will enter that player in to a drawing for a real world gold bar worth up to €9,000. Real world gold in this economy is a good thing! The event runs from now through August 11th.

New Update to Feature Colorweave Festival

A new Runes of Magic update is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, July 26th and will feature the addition of the new "Colorweave Festival". In addition, the Warden class will undergo a skill and abilities balance implementation, the world map will be updated and those who enjoy gardening will reap some nifty new rewards.

Lands of Despair Released

Frogster has announced that the Runes of Magic content expansion, Lands of Despair, has officially launched. Lands of Despair brings four new areas to explore, new monsters and dungeons and more. In addition, the level cap has been expanded to 67.

2011 Re-Review

It's been quite awhile since the last time MMORPG.com visited Runes of Magic. There's no question that there is a lot to see with the impressive array of changes that have come to the game since its original launch. MMORPG.com writer Lori May has gone back to Runes of Magic for a re-review of the game. See how it measures up and then leave us your thoughts.

Redhill Mountains Fly Through Trailer

Frogster has released a new fly through video to give players a first look at the Redhill Mountains, a previously unseen zone from the fourth chapter set to release soon. The video also gives insight into the conflict between the Dwarves and the Rhinos.

New Race Screens

Runes of Magic: Chapter IV - Lands of Despair will bring two new races into the game once the current beta phase ends. Both a large race of rhinos and dwarfs will make their appearances in Lands of Despair. The Runes of Magic team has release three screens featuring the dwarf race. Check them out in our Runes of Magic gallery.

Lands of Despair Closed Beta Ending Soon

The Runes of Magic team has announced that Chapter IV: Lands of Despair will be ending on April 29th. In the meantime, players are encouraged to log in and kill as many zombies as possible. To give non-participants a hint of things to come, devs have released a teaser screen.

Second Anniversary Events

Frogster has announced the second anniversary of Runes of Magic. To celebrate, there will be a series of non-scripted encounters and that the community team will play alongside players. In addition, each player that logs in during the week's events will receive a gift package with useful items inside.

Lands of Despair Trailer

A new teaser revealing more of the mysterious back story behind, Runes of Magic 'The Lands of Despair' has been released. Who is behind it all? Who is plunging Taborea into darkness and transforming its inhabitants into mindless zombies? Check out the video to find out.

Browser & Facebook Versions Coming

Frogster has announced a partnership with Kalydo to bring players fully featured Facebook and browser versions of Runes of Magic. The new versions of RoM are scheduled to be released sometime in Q2 2011 with the Facebook version coming first. Facebook users will be able to log in without any further registration using Facebook Connect and will be able to play either windowed or full screen.

Chapter 4: Lands of Despair Enters Beta

The Runes of Magic team has announced that Chapter 4: Lands of Despair has entered its beta phase of development and that a select group of players have been invited to try out the new content. Chapter 4 is scheduled to be released to all players sometime in April. The Lands of Despair zone will feature new bosses, dungeons, quests and a rise in the level cap to 70. The team also released several new screens from Chapter 4 which you can check out in our RoM gallery.

Frogster CEO Resigns

Frogster has announced that longtime executive board member and current CEO Andreas Weidenhaupt has resigned effective April 2011 "devote himself to new professional challenges." According to Frogster's press release, Weidenhaupt will keep 'close ties' to the company and remain available for consulting. Weidenhaupt is largely responsible for Frogster obtaining European publication rights for both TERA and Mythos.

Hack Attack Q&A

Frogster has posted a new Q&A with regard to last week's Runes of Magic and Frogster accounts hack by a disgruntled user. The hacker reported that he had taken over account information for all of Frogster's players and made a list of demands. Frogster has posted a new Q&A about new security measures and additional information about account protection on the Runes of Magic European forums.

Donating to Queensland Victims

Australian developer, N3V Games, has announced that it will be donating 50% of revenues for each purchase that Australian players make on special in-game items for their free to play online game Runes of Magic. From what we understand, the event will run on the Pacific Rim version of RoM and will run from January 15th through January 23rd.