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Rulers of the Sea Overview

Rulers of the Sea is an historic MMORPG set in the year 1750 and encompasses the entire world. 152 sea-faring nations elect their own leaders, form their own governments, run their own Navies and Armies and populate 760 port cities and capitals worldwide.

Each nation has their own economy, consisting of currencies, banks, populations, taxation, laws, resources and businesses. Players can settle in one of the cities with their family and build up the lives of different family members in national service, politics, the arts, production, adventure or business.

There are 40 distinct activities and careers in the world gamers can earn wages or profit from. Day and night cycles progress in real time, matching the optimum gaming hours where you live. This will encourage gamers to play in the countries they come from, making different cultural environments more real and fun to explore.

As game characters progress in careers and activities, they do not need to ‘level up’, but instead must follow a course at a University or College and complete an exam. Courses teach the gamer about the reality of the 18th century and the specific game mechanics.

Rulers of the Sea is currently in early development.


  • Multiple Career Choices
  • Management Simulation
  • Level up by learning
  • Explore the world