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ROSH Online Overview

Rosh Online: The Return of Karos is a free-to-play MMORPG from Galaxy Gate and Ignited Games set in the fantasy world of Asmara, where players take the role of mythical warriors of Karos. A curse of darkness has fallen over the realm, and players must battle for the world's energy source, fletta, and use it for their own benefit and to break the curse.


  • Seven Classes | Choose from the seven classes of Mystic, Bowmistress, Blader, Paladin, Rogue, Sorceress, and Gunner.
  • Ultra-Fast Leveling | Adventure in Rosh Online's world and experience rapid leveling and quick job changes.
  • Extreme Instance Dungeons | Participate in Rosh Online's Extreme Instance Dungeons and battle monsters alongside other players.
  • PvP | Engage in open world PvP, guild warfare and alliances, and massive battles like Mine Takeovers and Sieges.

First Anniversary Goodies for Players

The ROSH Online team has announced that it will be celebrating the game's first anniversary on December 6th. Players will share in the happiness with bonus XP, item give aways and more.

Ignited Flames Video Diary

The Rosh Online team has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers a first look at a new video developer diary that outlines new features will come to Rosh Online including castle siege, unlimited arena matches, demonic towers and more battle variety. The dev team gives some hints how to take on the Demonic Tower and shows off the monster transformation system. The video features some terrific in-game footage. Enjoy!

New Update, New Content

The Rosh Online team has announced that a new update has gone into effect that will give players more to reach for with an increased level cap and two new maps designed to cater to top level players.