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ROSE Online Articles

ROSE Online is Being Officially Relaunched By a New Team

ROSE Online will be relaunched under development by a new team, which has acquired the license to officially run and develop the game.

The Japanese Team for ROSE Online Has Filed for Bankruptcy

It's looking like the Japan team in charge of development, servers, and publishing for ROSE Online have filed for bankruptcy.

Sikuku Underground Update Brings New Dungeons, Monsters

Players or Warp Portal's cute fantasy MMO Rose Online will "soon" (the date is TBD) enjoy an update that brings them to Sikuku Underground Prison and the Dark Sewers to fight purveyors of evil like Battle Executor Ul'gath, Dark Shaman Ranka and Gloopy (wha...?).

Draconis Peaks PvP Map Added

Gravity Interactive has announced that a new PvP map has been added to Rose Online. Up to ten players per side team up with dragons to steal eggs from the opposing side's nest.

Unusual Mounts Introduced

Rose Online developers have added a new series of mounts to the game. Players can, for instance, get hold of a wide variety of mounts with a twist. Lobsters are one of the offered mounts which players can ride piggyback.

Sea of Dawn Released

Rose Online players have a lot to check out with the recent deployment of the new story arc, Sea of Dawn, a new level cap of 230, tiered dungeons and much more.

Premium Access Added

Rose Online players who have been taking advantage of the game's free to play features will be able to expand what they have access to through the addition of a new premium subscription.

The Item Mall Goes In-Game

The team behind ROSE Online are happy to announce that an Item Mall has come to the game. While previously, players had access to the game's Item Mall through their official website, there is no longer a need to alt-tab your way between the game and the website, as the item mall has now come in game!

Orlo Expansion Launches!

Gravity Interactive has announced that Orlo, the third expansion to ROSE Online, is now live! The expansion adds the eponymous Orlo planet to the game, in addition to a newly revamped combat system, as well as the expected additions of new quests, monsters, items, skills, and even a raised level cap!

Correspondent Going F2P

MMORPG.com ROSE correspondent Brian Rodgers pens this article about ROSE Online and the recent switch over to a free to play format.

Going Free to Play

The folks at Rose Online have announced that on July 29th, Rose Online convert to a free to play business model.