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    Gravity Interactive
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    12/01/05 (02/11/2019)
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ROSE Online Overview

Player characters in ROSE Online, a fantasy MMORPG from Gravity Interactive, are known as the "Visitors," who have been sent to protect the seven planets that were once brilliant and beautiful until a vengeful god stole one and threatened all of the others. The game features traditional quests and storyline missions, as well as hunting, a player-driven economy, faction wars, and a concentration on PvP at the higher levels. There is even a giant mech a player can operate and take into battle!


  • Seven Planets to Explore | Adventure in ROSE Online's seven different expansive worlds.
  • 4 Different Classes and 8 Sub-Classes | Choose from the Soldier, Muse, Hawker, and Dealer classes, and the Knight, Champion, Cleric, Mage, Raider, Scout, Bourgeois, and Artisan sub-classes.
  • Player-Driven Adventure | Quests and monster spawn rates in ROSE Online are affected by player actions, and players will be required to align with one of the game's gods in their adventure.
  • 3 Types of Transportation | Utilize the Castle Gear to cause damage to your opponents, Cart to zip around the world, and Flying Vessel to travel to outer space. Upgrade and customize your Castle Gear and Cart by switching out parts and upgrading abilities.
  • NPC Factions | Engage in quests driven by ROSE Online's NPC-controlled factions, who each have a different influence on the game's economy, politics, public orders, magic, arts and religion.
  • PvP, Clan-vs-Clan and Faction Wars | Participate in Open PvP, group-based Training Grounds, and Clan-vs-Clan combat, or engage in Faction Wars based on ROSE Online's NPC-controlled Factions.