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Romeros Aftermath Overview

Romero’s Aftermath is the first free-to-play survival horror game and was created in collaboration with horror film director Cameron Romero (the son of legendary horror movie director George Romero). Aftermath is set in an expansive open world filled with forests, deserts and towns, where gamers must battle zombies, other players and use their survival skills to stay alive.

  • Free-to-Win | Aftermath is a “Free to Win” experience, which means that by playing the game, players can obtain everything needed to fully experience Aftermath without paywalls and intrusive monetization techniques. Purchasable items are limited to cosmetic skins, customizations and packages that allow players to acquire certain in-game items faster, but are not needed for core gameplay. Every item can be acquired during play by exploring, looting, trading or PVP.
  • Survival Skills That Matter | Survival isn’t just fighting zombies and scavenging; it’s trapping animals and cooking them over a fire. It’s collecting water and finding a way to purify it, it's building a shelter, it’s crafting medical devices from found items, it's laying gardens and leaving your footprint on the world. It’s all this and more in Aftermath because players will need to rely on their actual survival skills to thrive.
  • A True Experience That Eliminates the “Walking Simulator” | Aftermath offers a diverse environment for players to explore. It includes forests, desert sand dunes and mountain ranges along with a detailed minimap to help players plan their routes. Rather than continuous walking in hopes of discovering some sort of “action,” survivalists will encounter a point of interest within each environment, ranging from survivor’s camps, to military bases, to roadside pit stops, towns, farms, etc.
  • Improved PVE | Unlike other zombie games, Aftermath puts an emphasis on PVE play to go beyond creating just another a PVP shooter. While preserving and enhancing PVP play, Aftermath also offers PVE centered events such as liberating towns from zombies to expand upon the genre.
  • Creating Fort Knox | Players can build permanent bases by using foundations, walls, traps, mines, barricades, watchtowers and other items to protect their homes. In these bases, players can grow gardens to farm food and store needed medical supplies. Users can team up to strengthen their base by adding living quarters for friends and allies or fend off bandits and zombies alone.
Service Ending on December 24th

After two years in service, Romero's Aftermath will be closing for good with servers going dark on December 24th. Citing that the "economics of the game" made did not make it feasible to continue development, and without any updates in four plus months, the decision was made to close the game for good.