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    Unity 3D
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    Ons On Soft
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Rodinia War Overview

Rodinia War is a unique blend of city-building strategy game (like Travian or even Clash of Clans) and a classical MMORPG. You'll build your city, attack and conquer other cities, and take and complete traditional MMO quests in at the same time. You're both Lord and Warrior in Rodinia War.


  • Strategy and MMO Hybrid | PvP and PvE
  • Level Your Knight | Fight for resources and build more and more cities
  • Huge MMO world | 4 continents to explore
  • Upgrade your weapons and armor | Unique Gameplay
  • Unity Based | Browser or client download available
New Tactical Depth Added with Alliance System

Rodinia War will soon be updated with the new Alliance System, a way for players to tactically pledge allegiance to either the King's daughter or the King's son. Added to the mix is the competitive nature of the ongoing war to claim enemy territories.

Community Input Integral to Open Beta Client

Ons On Soft has announced that Rodinia War is ready to begin open beta testing thanks to the fantastic input from the game's community during its closed beta phase of development. Rodinia War gives players flexibility to experience portions of the game in 3D quality, while others, more strategic in nature, can be played in 2D mode.