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Robocraft Articles

Robocraft Updated with Leaderboards, Weapon Ranking & Much More

The latest Robocraft update has been deployed that paves the way for Season 2 coming to players on March 28th. This update includes weapon ranking, leaderboards, weapon and movement balancing and much more.

'We ARE 100% Removing Crates in Our Next Phase 2 Update'

The Robocraft site has been updated with a new blog post that informs players that loot crates as drops or as earned rewards are being removed completely from the game. Purchasable crates were removed in mid-May. The current iteration of crates will remain in place until the deployment of the next Phase 2 update when the Tech Tree will make its return.

Early Access Begins for Robocraft Royale - Mechs, Tanks, Dinosaurs, Helicopters & More

Robocraft Royale has officially entered Early Access on Steam. The game is set in the same universe as Robocraft, but pits 100 players on a typical battle royale-styled 8kmx8km map. Players can "pilot a variety of vehicles" including such wild rides as tanks, dragons, mechas, cars, and even dinosaurs.

Robocraft Royale to Launch into Steam Early Access on March 26th

Freejam has announced that its take on the battle royale genre, Robocraft Royale, will be launching into Steam Early Access on March 26th. The game is, of course, based on the Robocraft IP, but is a standalone game that "innovates the battle royale genre by allowing players to battle in a 64km2 map with the best crazy characters from the 13M strong Robocraft community".

Freejam Introduces 'Robocraft Royale', Its Unique Take on Battle Royale

Freejam is ready to jump into the battle royale genre with Robocraft Royale, a new open world game with up to 100 players taking part in a battle to the last one standing. Currently in alpha testing, Robocraft Royale is open to anyone who takes the time to sign up and jump into the game.

Retail Launch Date Set for August 24th

Freejam is excited to announced that, after three years in Early Access, Robocraft will head into retail release on August 24th. As part of the celebratory mood, players who have taken part in the game will receive in-game crates that are packed with new items and possibly one of four Pilot Seat cosmetics determined by when the EA program was joined.

Freejam Announces XBox One / Win10 Spin-Off

Freejam has announced that it is bringing a Robocraft spin-off to XBox One and Windows 10 in early 2018. In Robocraft Infinity, players will find many familiar features to the original game along with a number of improvements and brand new features.

Starter Pack Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has been given Starter Pack gift keys for Robocraft, the free-to-play online game, available exclusively on PC, which gives players the chance to construct insane multi-faceted robotic creations and take them into battle online against as many as twenty players. Regularly in the Top 10 F2P Game chart on Steam, Robocraft has grown from humble beginnings into a hugely popular game played by millions across the world.

Reworked Maps, Gameplay Overhaul Headline Beta Start

Freejam has announced that Robocraft has officially entered its beta phase of development. The big day comes along with a massive update that brings overhauled gameplay, reworked maps and much more on board.

Join Team Kaleigh & Help Save a Life

Freejam and the Robocraft community are taking part in a special charity event to raise money to help fund the treatment of a rare brain cancer afflicting a little girl named Kaleigh whose family is quite close to the development team. From today through January 26th, "You Play, We Pay" is going on with every match seeing four pence donated to the cause. Players can also make direct donations to Kaleigh's fund. Freejam is hoping to raise £10,000.

9.5M Registered Players in 11 Different Languages Achieved

Freejam has announced that Robocraft has scored a major milestone with over 9.5M registered players during its Early Access phase of development on Steam. The game has been localized in eleven different languages making it a truly worldwide phenomenon.

Fast And Formidable Expansion Launched

Freejam has announced that Robocraft has been expanded with the Fast And Formidable content update. Combat and progression have been completely reimagined and players have a brand new battle arena map on which to play.

Clan Party Expansion Launches with Big Social Features

Robocraft has been updated with a big new patch that brings the Clan Party expansion online. The content includes new clans functionality for groups up to fifty players; the ability for everyone to create 5-player parties; and new Sprinter Legs that allow players to jump higher and run faster.

Latest Expansion Invites You to Enter the Shredzone

Robocraft has expanded for the tenth time with today's release of Enter the Shredzone. Players will get to enjoy a new tutorial, a new weapon called a Chain Shredder, a brand new single player mode, more customization for robots and a ton of other cool stuff.

Battle for Birmingham Expansion Launches

Robocraft has grown with the release of the free expansion called "Battle for Birmingham". New content includes a new avatar system, team deathmatch PvP, a new map and the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements.