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    Action MMO
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    Unreal Engine
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    03/26/18 (04/04/2018)
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Robocraft Royale Overview

Robocraft Royale innovates the battle royale genre by allowing players to battle in a vast, 64km2, map with the best crazy characters sourced from the 13 mill+ strong Robocraft community. Robocrafts Royale's brilliant cube destruction system bring players novel battle encounters as they de-gun their enemies, blast off their limbs, cripple their movement parts and totally manipulate their destruction. Robocraft Royale offers endless surprises, with a changing roster of new characters to discover, events, contests, map updates and team modes keeping players coming back for more.

While a spaceship streaks across a huge map, players eject and control their descent to the surface. Upon landing, they burst out in their starter buggy and explore a landscape littered with hundreds of different character types that they must transfer into, learn and devise tactics for. Each character possesses bespoke weapon loadouts, abilities and may also walk, drive, hover and fly. Those who can master and be flexible with these different characters will survive the ever shrinking play area. By learning these strengths and weaknesses, even a mechanized chicken can emerge victorious.

  • Open world Royale! | Battle to the last man on a 64 km2 map home to mountain observatories, power stations, forests, crashed spaceships and a variety of different building configurations.
  • Play with numerous characterbots! | Take possession of hundreds of characters that have been sourced from 5 years worth of creative building within the original Robocraft game. Each creation offers unique weapons movement and abilities to master.
  • Explore! | Endlessly explore this world in the search of precious health and energy pickups so you are prepared for your next encounter. Learning the cahacterbots and terrain types will ensure your victory
  • Survive! | As well as each other, players survive and position themselves within an environment that is ever shrinking, forcing players together and requiring situational awareness. Players will have to use the characters to hand and think in three dimensions to get the jump on their opponents.
  • Penty of change! | Future development will bring more user created content, player customisation, themed characterbot events, competitions, team modes and map updated!