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    Bandai Namco
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    2015 (12/15/2015)
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Rise of Incarnates Overview

Rise of Incarnates is a new F2P 2v2 Online Battle Arena from Bandai Namco Studio. Available on Steam and Windows, the game turns the traditional MOBA on its head with some new features. Forged by creators of the Tekken and SoulCalibur franchises, Rise of Incarnates is the first Free-To- Play game developed specifically for PC from ground up as a brand new IP. At the turn of the century, beings with untold power awoke. With mythical powers coursing through their veins, the world quickly branded these humans as "Incarnates”. Countless Incarnates faced warrantless persecution, vile experimentation, or worse. Slowly, they learned to conceal their existence from society and live within the shadows. One day, a vision befell a select number of the most powerful Incarnates: a vision of the world’s end.


  • Furious 2v2 Combat | within an ever-evolving battle Incarnate duos wage mortal battle. Employ mental resolve, reflexes, and strategy as you run, jump, and fly through the true 3D arena engaging in close-quarter combat and long-range assaults.
  • Characters and classes for all levels of play | Unique Incarnate powers in diverse classes enable you and your partner to form original team compositions, discover unparalleled strategic depth, and experience levels of camaraderie unavailable in modern competitive games.
  • Awaken untold powers | Harness and unite your powers to decimate all.