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Is Prime Really a Vanilla Server? Tastefully, the Answer is No

On Wednesday March 7th, Trion Worlds launched their first Rift Prime progression server. Excitement was extreme as everyone braced for servers to unlock, the sheer amount of players pouring into starter zones like it was 2011 all over again adding even more buzz. I’ve been there daily since and this is the first Prime progression report from Telara.

Prepare for Prime

On Friday Trion Worlds announced that the much-anticipated Rift Prime server will be named Vigil, giving folks the opportunity to put a much heated response for other choices to rest. Immediately focus shifted to getting prepared for Prime. Are you ready?

Bastion of Steel Raid Preview

In July we bought you a preview of Rift 4.2:Celestial Storm. Following this update, on October 25th Trion Worlds will release 4.3 with two major updates: "Bastion of Steel" 10 man raid and “Mystic Archer” - a new soul for the Mage class.

Celestial Storm Preview

With Rift 4.2 hitting live servers today, we caught up Trion Worlds Rift Executive Director - Chris "Archonix" Junior and Senior Design Director - Simon "Dead Simon" Ffinch to chat about the game-changing update and where Rift goes from here. Read on to find out all the details.

A First Look at Starfall Prophecy

Rift’s next big expansion is just weeks away with Starfall Prophecy set to launch this fall. There are no new souls or callings this time, but Starfall Prophecy is probably shaping up to be one of the biggest expansions the game’s yet seen. We met with Julia Adams-Esgrow at PAX West 2016 and got a solid first look at the new zones and systems coming to Telara.

The Celebration of the Ascended Begins Today

Rift’s 3.6 update, Celebration of the Ascended, launches today on April 13th, and were fortunate enough to get an early look at all that’s being crammed into this patch: five new souls (one for each calling), tons of new Carnival of the Ascended events and rewards, new planar attunement unlocks, new mounts, and yes full multicore support!

Planetouched Wilds May Be Telara's Best Update Yet

Rift's 3.4 update, The Planetouched Wilds, may just be Telara's best update yet, and we recently took a tour with Trion Worlds' Simon Ffinch to get a look at the massive new zone, the new Primalist calling, and more.

Into the Wild

Immediately after seeing the reveal for Atlas Reactor, Trion’s new game, at PAX Prime this weekend Rob Lashley along with Bill Murphy were given a glimpse of the new content coming to Trion’s flagship offering, RIFT. These will be added in RIFT’s update Into the Wilds. Read on for Rob’s synopsis of what Trion has in store.

Nightmare Tide PAX Preview

RIFT remains a very solid MMO for Trion. The game launched back in 2011 and continues to hold a captive audience. It added a free to play model back in 2013 and is now adding a second expansion. The team at Trion gave us a deep look at Nightmare Tide with some of the playable puzzles and zones in the game. It adds a heavy use of underwater mechanics which was not there before. The demo really surprised us and RIFT players have a lot to look forward to in Nightmare Tide.

Nightmare Tide's Underwater Wonders

For the last three years, the heroes of Telara have done their best to staunch a seemingly-endless flow of planes-spawned elementals. Perhaps though, it's time to stop the flow at its source? Trion Worlds seems to agree, and this week they invited us to explore a world beyond Telara—the beautiful, treacherous, and surprising Plane of Water.

Bindings of Blood Readies the Beatdown for Players

Yesterday Trion launched Rift’s Bindings of Blood Tier 3 Raids, the brand new cutting edge (or bleeding) edge endgame content for Telara’s most ardent PVE players. These brand new 20-person raids will test the willpower of even the most dedicated Rift raiders, as on the PTS not a single guild was able to fell the two big bosses: Greenscale and Akylios. Bill Fisher and his team are confident it’ll be a different story on the live server, but players are always surprising them.

There's Never Been A Better Time to Dive Back In

I got a chance to sit down with Trion Worlds at GDC 2014 to look at the upcoming changes to Rift, and I'm happy to report that their flagship MMORPG is looking better than ever. With new souls coming out shortly and another expansion expected soon, the future for Rift is very promising.

Introducing the Liberator - A Raid Healing Warrior

Over the next four weeks, Trion will be revealing four brand new souls for Rift's 2.7 Update. We're pleased to exclusively bring you the first: The Liberator, a Raid-Healing Warrior.

Everything You Need to Know About Patch 2.6

This week heralds the arrival of a brand new patch filled to the brim with free new content. Several members of the press were treated to an exclusive preview of all that patch 2.6 has to offer. There are some surprises in store and some deeper systems than we first expected and almost all of it ties into dimension and artifacts. Follow us after the break to find out why now is the perfect time to give RIFT a re-visit, especially if you want to be prepared for 3.0. Read on for more.

Beyond Infinity - Something For Everyone

Rift's 2.4 patch, Beyond Infinity, will launch soon with enough content to make even the biggest curmudgeon sit up and take notice. We have a great preview to share to spotlight all the great things coming to Rift. Read on before telling us what caught your eye in the comments.